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August 2011 Newsletter

Is intelligence something that can be seen on a person's face? If we are talking about predicting a person's IQ score with a tiny margin of error, then probably not. Researchers claim that there are at least 23 different kinds of intelligence. Since our faces reflect our thoughts and feelings, it is not surprising that we will find quite a few facial clues to help us answer this question.

What is your definition of intelligence? It is someone whose mind is filled with data that might make them a trivia winner on the TV show Jeopardy? Or do you prefer intuitive intelligence where you don't know how you arrived at the answer but you know that you are right? Or, is intelligence for you having the ability to take unrelated things and put them together to create a practical result? Finally, we can't forget the category of emotional IQ to name but a few.

These types of intelligence are not mutually exclusive but each of us probably excels in one kind of intelligence over another. This month we will consider how 3 different kinds of intelligence will manifest on the face. We begin with mental development lines on the forehead and then will consider emotional intelligence. Finally we discuss how intuitive intelligence may also appear on a face.  

Mental Development

one lineAs humans we are all face readers and most of us have an instinctual reaction to facial features. For example, round shapes on faces are seen by even small babies as nurturers. For intelligence we look at foreheads. When I show a picture of two men and ask which one is the science and math teacher, the majority of people pick the one with the largest forehead as the brainy one. But that is not enough information to draw a conclusion about the person's degree of mental development. Luckily our faces are their own self diagnostic. Mental development shows up in a variety of places.


Horizontal lines on the forehead show the degree that the person has worked to stretch their mental abilities. Three long parallel lines stretching across the forehead indicate an intense mental effort, perhaps the equivalent of earning a graduate degree. A single deep line as shown above, corresponds to an intense focus in a particular area of interest. They have one area of highly developed expertise 


Eyebrows that have the same amount of hair all the way across are called even eyebrows. They indicate the person's ability to connect the dots and see all related aspects quickly and easily from "A" to "Z". High ears and low eyebrows indicate the ability to quickly grasp the information and then to quickly evaluate and respond. While low ears process slower and prefer wisdom over speed. Once again, intelligence comes in many forms.


Emotional Intelligence


Some types of intelligence can't be found in books but rather come from our intense life experiences. What comes to mind is the age old adage that "whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." The woman pictured here has practically every line that I mention in my book. Most notable are the compassion and survivor lines and the courage lines on her cheeks. This woman is a sensitive soul who has been hit with circumstances that could have killed a weaker person.


Her face is marked by her personal hardships and reveals that she has faced untold fear. However, she does not appear to be embittered and hardened by life's challenges, but rather gentle and accepting. Her face reflects a depth of character and inner wisdom. Her life experiences have resulted in a strengthening of her spirit that can allow her to be empathic with others who endure similar challenges.


Several years ago there was much discussion about Emotional Intelligence or EQ. Without even referring to those writings, there is no doubt in my mind, that this woman and people like her, get high marks in this kind of intelligence.


Intuitive Intelligence

As we go through life we make a mental record of our life experiences. Most of this data is stored at a subconscious level. What makes something familiar to us is our ability to find a pattern that has been stored in our memory and then immediately apply it to our new experience and find a match. Our ability to do this resides in a part of our brain that is faster than thought. Some people become particularly gifted in knowing things.  They seem to have an almost uncanny ability to figure things out and "know" things on a very gut or intuitive level. 


Facial features that are indicative of this intuitive intelligence are prescient points or a gift of forethought at the inner corners of the eyes. Notice here on Margaret Thatcher the lighted area. She also has two lines meeting in a point between her eyebrows. She is a person who uses both sides of her brain to make a decision. Additionally, when a person has inner ear ridges that protrude beyond the ear cup or when a person has access hairs at the start of their eyebrows, they too use intuition on both a personal and business level. People who have a full upper lip intuit the meaning under the words they hear and can't be fooled when someone is blowing smoke.


She is Amazing  by Ann Marks

2nd graderThis is a true story.One evening I was reading faces for a company party being held at the home of the owner. When everyone was in the backyard eating I did not have a face to read so I  was just waiting for someone to finish their dinner and come back into the house.  All of a sudden their 8 year old daughter crept down the stairs, made sure the coast was clear, then took the seat beside me.


She said, "You're the face reader." I confirmed her statement.  I thought she was going to ask me to read her face when suddenly she announced she was going to read my face. I got over the surprise in time to suggest she begin with the lines as they are the easiest to read, Instead, she grabbed the face reading book on the table and opened to the first feature, which is the forehead.


She proceeded to look at the 3 pictures on the forehead page and then looked at my forehead.  She then pointed to the straight forehead, which is the one like mine, and began to read what was in the book. Since she could not read all the words, she adapted the reading to explain what my forehead meant in her own words.  She got it completely correct.  When she turned to the next page and saw the picture of the brow ridge, she declared "you do not have one of those" and continued on to find other features that are on my face.


I often run into people who after having their face read tell me, "That was amazing but I could never learn how to do that." So then I ask them, "Are you smarter than a second grader?"

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Martha's Feedback

Martha's Feedback 


Mac, I've been reading the book and noticing the road map on my face. It's very interesting to see how life has left its marks. I've found myself looking at people and noticing some of the signs on their faces too. I thought you may like a little feedback so here it is.


You pretty much pegged me on the reading. If I'm honest, I have to say I'm a perfectionist. I like things done right and have a tendency to go ahead and get them done rather than wait for others to get around to it. When problem solving I try not to get impatient with slow people but I'm not always successful. My mind will wander off when people go on a bit and I get frustrated when people can't make a decision even though the solution is staring them in the face.


I've always wondered why people come up to me and tell me their troubles. I usually listen to them and let them talk since they seem to feel better afterward. People tell me I'm motherly even though I've never been able to have kids. I like everyone to be comfortable, safe and healthy.


I grew up as the only girl in a family of 8 kids so I learned how to avoid getting pushed around by my boisterous brothers. I guess that's where I developed the "don't mess with me" eyebrows.


I lost my first husband at 38 to cystic fibrosis after caring for him for several years. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do but I made it through -I guess that's the survivor lines and grief lines. I've always been an artist -painting, sculpting, jewelry, crafts or anything I can get my hands on- and it's been my refuge through tough times.


Thank you for your insight and your book.

Have a great day.