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July 2011 Newsletter

This month we will continue discussing seeming contradictions in certain facial features. You may remember that the nose is about sustenance. A nose with a broad base belongs to a person who sees himself or herself as a provider. They extend their support to cover all those under their umbrella and shelter protect and defend them. If the nose is narrow at the base, the person is self reliant and self sufficient.They take care of their own business and do not expect anyone to assist them in their effort.
Large nostrils indicate a person who feels like they have enough and therefore they share what they have. Small nostrils belong to a person who is concerned about not having enough. Often, people with small nostrils have experienced scarcity ( either emotional or financial) at some point in their lives and have never fully recovered. But what if a narrow nose has large nostrils or a broad nose has small nostrils? These are the two seeming contradictions that we are going to discuss. 


Thin nose with large nostrils

 juliaPeople with thin noses got a message while growing up, that if they wanted something in life, the only person they could really count on was themselves. Consequently, they have depended on their own efforts and determination to succeed. They became very self-reliant and self-sufficient in the process.They have a history of pulling themselves up by their own boot straps. When help is offered they will often turn it down. Large nostrils belong to a person who has a lot of life energy and comes from a space of abundance. Their large nostrils indicate that internally they feel like they have more than enough resources for themselves and therefore it is easy  for them to share what they have with others. Their feeling is," I can always get more."


Here is what I would say to a person who has this seeming contradiction:  You are very self-reliant and self sufficient. If someone asks if you need help you will most often say,"No I'm fine, I've got it." Part of the reason for declining help is that you don't want to be obligated or dependant on others to accomplish your goal. However, you can be generous to a fault and you are often the first to ask others if they need help. Consequently, you have a kind of double standard. Which means you are always giving more support than you expect to receive back.   


Broad nose with small nostrils

nose - nostrilsA nose with a broad base is the mark of a natural born provider. They put a broad umbrella of support over those people in their lives to whom they feel bonded and connected. But what they provide may not necessarily be financial support. Smaller nostrils indicate a person who has experienced a felt sense of scarcity at some point in life. Usually, the feeling of scarcity occurred during a period of financial challenges. People with thin noses have often had a life formative experience when they felt like they did not have enough. They will never let themselves get caught like that again. Even if they come into great wealth they are not likely to spend it carelessly. They will always be concerned about the basics and having enough for a rainy day. 


Here is how I would read this person's nose: The broad base to your nose tells me you are a natural provider. You shelter, protect and defend the people you bond and connect with. Those under your umbrella will be cared for as long as you live. Your nostrils tell me that your generosity towards them is more likely to be emotional support rather than financial. You are willing to give the shirt off your back but may hesitate when asked for money.


Countenance Counts

What is countenance? Some of the earliest physiognomy texts stressed the importance of being able to, "judge a man by his countenance." But none of these old books describe what it was. It took me years to finally come up with my own definition.


My definition of countenance would include the sum total of the person's life force and life energy as it manifests itself in their presence. It is not something that can be captured by a single line on their face or the shape of their chin or size of their ears. However, there are some clues and cues that we almost all perceive.


We can see glimpses of countenance in the light coming from the person's eyes, the speed of their movements, whether they are flowing or jerky, the tilt of their head when they listen, the tension or lack thereof in their face and body, and how they pay attention. For most of us, these indicators register at the sub-conscious level and seldom make it into our conscious awareness. In the end, they are also mere clues because ultimately countenance is really about our degree of presence.


Recently I saw a tour guide who literally sucked the energy out of the group she was leading because of her complete lack of presence. The severe expression on her face, her slumped shoulders, her lack of eye contact announced that she obviously was not having a good time. While she may have thought that no one noticed, her focus on her negative thoughts and feelings prevented her from connecting with the group and made the experience less than pleasant. 


On the other hand, a wonderful speaker I recently met at an education conference said it best, "The kids don't care how much you know until they know how much you care about them." I think this applies in all of our interactions with others. It is so easy to get caught up in our personal problems and distractions that we forget that everyone is still reading us. Our countenance is always being broadcast to the world for all to see and our invisible life force is not only being felt but it is also affecting the energy of everyone around us.


While it may be impossible to always be in a good mood, it is possible to be present when we interact with others and save our brooding for times when we are by ourselves. When we give the other person our full focus and attention our personal distractions and negative thought fall away and our presence communicates that we care. Every time we read a face we must become present at least for that moment. And it is in that moment that our countenance shines.   


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Upcoming Classes 
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