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May 2011 Newsletter


This May newsletter will add to the nuances I wanted to present to you concerning the ears. We considered the inner ear ridges last month and now we will discuss the outer cups and "spoon" ears. 


In trying to evaluate ear cups, here is a good clue. As a metaphor, if you imagine that logic is a gas that floats up out of the ear, how much gas would be trapped by the ear cup on either side? Which ear would trap more? Once again, there can often be a difference between the amount of ear cup when one ear is compared with the other. Small differences may indicate significant changes in the person's life.


Remember, the person's left ear gives information about the person's childhood and personal life. The person's right ear is reflective of the person's adult years and business or external world life. Any change from one side of the face to the other with any feature can indicate a big change in the person's life. Any difference between left to right can be meaningful. 


These differences will be explained  below as well as the meaning of "spoon" ears. 


   Ear cup differences 

2 ridgesThe outer ear cup indicates the subject's degree of focus on external reality and the external world. A person with a prominent cup appreciates objective facts, numbers, and statistics. Their style is logical and practical and they need external proof and data, much like a typical engineer's approach.


In last month's newsletter these same two ears were used to illustrate the differences between the inner ear ridges. This month we are looking at the differences between the outer cups. Here the cup is much more prominent on the right ear (picture seen on left).


Usually, when there is a noticeable difference between the left and right ear cups, the right ear cup is more prominent than the left. This indicates that while the person may have been very creative and had a very active imagination as a child, they have become much more logical, practical, grounded and businesslike as they matured. 


When the opposite occurs and the person's right ear cup has gaps, is folded over or thinned out, it reveals that as an adult the person has developed and relies even more on their intuitions, insights and gut feelings. A gap or lack of ear cup is also indicative of a person's distaste for boredom. They will always try to avoid it.


    Spoon ear

child's earA spoon ear may be found on either the right or left side. In some rare instances people will have a spoon ear on both sides. I call this kind of ear a "spoon" ear because there is no inner ear ridge as shown in this picture. People with spoon ears may often have  fantastic imaginations. However, they can sometimes be so wedded to their own perspective that they may feel that their subjective reality is synonymous with objective or universal truth.


If the  subject's "spoon" ear is only on their left (as pictured above) and their right ear has an inner ear ridge, they have developed a greater intuitive balance in their adult life. They own the fact that their intuitions are subjective and may not be the way everyone else sees the world. They realize that their personal point of view may not be "the last word".


My business partner, Ann Marks, says that when she is reading the face of someone with a spoon ear, she likes to have someone who knows them well to be listening. Her observation is that many people who have a spoon ear are often not aware of their own gifts and personality traits, either positive or negative. They often have a hard time hearing information about themselves. Having a close friend nearby helps to validate the face reading.


Creating an Immediate Connection
When I began reading faces over 20 years ago, many people would comment, "That's amazing, how did you do that?" I heard this comment so often that I eventually named the book, Amazing Face Reading.  My initial focus was to understand the correlation between specific features of the face and their corresponding personality traits and characteristics. We all read faces on an intuitive level and most of us have "gut" feelings about people. I wanted to nail down the specific physical triggers responsible for those intuitive responses. I came to realize that face reading is its own language. It is a language that we all know but that we don't know we know. For my introduction, I created a sign that read, "Amazing Face Reading, A Breakthrough in Communication."
What the years have taught me is that the value of face reading is much more than mere personality profiling. I found that most people are intrigued by the fact that a total stranger can know so much about them at a glance. But, I also discovered something I did not expect. I found that sometimes people would have tears come up even when I told them something very positive about themselves. I often had people tell me after I read their face, " I have never told anyone this but...", and then they would go on to reveal some hidden secret.


I was shocked to discover how many people in our society feel isolated and starved for recognition and connection. We live in a time of technological wonder where we seem to be more connected than ever before with cell phones, i-Pods, e-mails, texts, tweets, gizmos and gadgets of all kinds. But are we really connected?


Survey after survey shows that today families spend less time together and many people have fewer "close" friends than ever before. We hear horror stories about someone dying in front of their TV and not being found for weeks. Roommates in college dorms sit in the same room and text each other rather than having a conversation.
Just the other day, I spoke to a group after they had been addressed by a local expert on terrorism. He explained the myriad of ways someone can take the lives of innocent people through disease, bombs and airborne killers such as anthrax. As I listened to him, I thought about a fact that can be found in the columns of almost any daily newspaper --PEOPLE WHO COMMIT ACTS OF VIOLENCE HAVE LOST THEIR SENSE OF BELONGING AND  CONNECTION TO SOCIETY AND TO OTHER HUMAN BEINGS.  

I know that face reading is not going to cure all the ills of the world but I do know that it can be a powerful antidote. When people feel seen, heard, understood and validated there is a renewal of  their life force connection to society. When we really try to see another person's face and the gifts and depth that is shown there, often their defensive, protective shield falls away and a genuine connection is made.  Who knows, it could even save a life. Today, my sign reads: "Amazing Face Reading, Creating an Immediate Connection".  And my message is save yourself and save the world... stay connected.


Your friend,




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Amazing Face Reading
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Creating an Immediate Connection
Face Reading Workshop

Amazing Face Reading Workshop 

This month we are offering our extended workshop that will begin on Thursday, May 12th  from 6:30 - 9:30 PM, then 8 AM - 5 PM on Friday, May 13th with the final session on Saturday, May 14th from 8 AM to noon.  It will be held in Fort Worth at the Residence Inn on University Drive. The class size is limited, so if you are interested call Ann Marks at 682-365-5298 or e-mail Ann at:


The April 14th evening class was another excellent session. One of the participants had taken the class before. He remarked how much more he learned because he had gotten the background earlier and now had the capacity for an even deeper understanding.  More importantly, he understood the true value of face reading. He was using face reading in his business and personal life and was seeing the results.
If you have made a class in the past and need a refresher, please sign up for our next evening session which will be announced shortly.