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 Next Amazing Face Reading Class is April 14, 2011
April 2011 Newsletter


As promised in the March newsletter, I have more nuances to share with you. This month and next month we are going to consider the variations that can be seen in the ears. If the eyes can be called the windows to the soul then the ears would be the doors.


Remember, the ear on the left side gives information about the person's childhood and personal life. The person's right ear is reflective of the person's adult years and business or external world life. Any change from one side of the face to the other with any feature indicates a big change in the person's life. Any difference from left to right is meaningful. 


An example of this fact can be found in the inner ear ridges. The ear ridges may be more defined or prominent in one ear compared to the other one. Also, some people have one ear that sticks out while the other is closer to the head.  These differences will be explained  below. 


   Ear ridge differences 

2 ridgesThe inner ear ridge indicates the degree to which a person relies on their intuitive or internal, unconscious pattern recognitions in making their decisions. The more pronounced the ridge (the more it sticks out) the greater that person's connection and reliance on their gut feeling and intuitive knowing. The ridge in the person's left ear indicates the degree this process was one from birth or at work in the person's childhood. The ridge in the person's right ear shows how they have either developed that ability (it is more pronounced) or ignored it in favor of a more logical, provable approach in their adult life (it is less pronounced).


In most cases when there is a noticeable difference between the left and right ear ridges, the left ear ridge is more prominent than the right. This indicates that as a child the person may have been naturally creative and imaginative and may have even had imaginary playmates, but when they got older they forced themselves to become more grounded, logical practical and businesslike.


Occasionally, I see the opposite as shown in the picture above. In this picture the person's right ear ridge is more prominent than the left. This indicates a person who has learned to rely on their intuitive senses and gut check and developed these abilities even more as they have gotten older than than did as a child. An example would be their having a thought like, " I don't know why but I  don't think that this is going to work." Or they may have an instant intuitive sense about another person. And while they may not have a logical explanation for how they know, nonetheless they know they are right because it feels right to them. 



Stick out ear differences

earsThe man pictured here shows a difference in how far his ears stick out when one ear is compared to the other. His left ear is definitely out farther than his right ear. The reading would be that in his personal life he is independent, a self starter and likes to do things his own way  As a child, he was probably a non conformist as well and didn't mind blazing his own trail. When it was time to line up at school he may have thought nothing about creating his own line and being the only one in it.


The fact that his right ear does not stick out as far indicates that he has forced himself to rein in some of his natural independence and has learned to conform, at least somewhat, in terms of his business life. The right ear closer to the head, indicates that in his professional life he doesn't want to be seen as being too odd or different or unable to follow the company plan. Nevertheless, his right ear sticks out more than average person which means that he is still a self starter, sees what needs to be done and does it.

Skeptics Corner
Wait a minute, Mac! What about a baby with a prominent ear ridge on the left and none on the right. They haven't done anything to make themselves more logical or practical in their business life. They don't even have one. How do you explain that!


It is a good question and one that has really made me think. Is some of our personality development already genetically programmed? Does our biology affect and even predict our life path?


My honest answer is that I have no scientific proof of the mechanics of face reading nor of face reading's ability to predict one's future. However, I do know from reading thousands of faces that there is a strong correlation. Of course genetics only contributes about forty per cent to how one's face looks.


I am a perfect example of how life experiences can change your face. Both of my ears, as a child, stuck out like two taxi cab doors left wide open. But when I changed my attitude after I began to practice law my ears changed and I have the pictures to prove it. Now my ears are in at the top and out at the bottom. In face reading this is the sign of diplomatic ears.
Perhaps your face shows similar proof of change in your approach to life.  Look at a picture of your face in each decade of your life.  What is different from one decade to the next and one side of your face to the other?



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Ear ridge differences
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Skeptics Corner
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