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March 2011 Newsletter


Any effort you make to read another person's face, I applaud.  Even if you only notice one feature on  someone's face and know what it means, you will have a better understanding of that person and know more about them than the most psychic person in the room.  More importantly, you will be better able to connect with them on a more meaningful level.


Over the 20 plus years of reading thousands of faces, certain nuances have become apparent to me. I want to share several of these with you this month and I will continue this topic in April.  Even a beginner in face reading can pick up on the subtleties that are found on some people's faces.


Let's consider the possibility that someone's nostrils are distinctly different in size.  What could that mean?  Although we have discussed eye puffs as being hard on one's self and denying one's self, what if they are very different sizes on the left and right?  And about that septum, I have a different, and I believe more accurate meaning for that particular facial feature.


 Nostril size differing

hilaryIf one nostril is obviously a different size than the other one, begin by reading the left nostril first because this is the one that has to do with the person's early childhood,
 upbringing, and personal life. The right nostril will reflect their life circumstances in later life.


When the left nostril is smaller than the right, as in this picture, it is the mark of a self made person. It indicates a person who started out in life feeling like they did not get the financial and/or emotional support that they felt they needed. However, the larger nostril on the right reflects that in their adult life they have pulled themselves up and have improved their situation. They now feel they have found greater abundance and are more successful. 


When the nostril on the right is smaller than the one on the left, the person may have begun life feeling they had the financial and emotional support they needed but life circumstances have kept them from achieving the success they felt they deserved



  Septum meaning

septumPeople who have a septum that hangs below the nostril opening  work best in an occupation that includes some sort of service to others. It may include one of the  helping professions or may translate into many occupations.   This desire to serve is something that the individual must determine for themselves. But, if deep down, the person does not think they are helping people enough, they will move on to something else.  Even status, money or power may not be enough to hold a person in a job that lacks the service they want to give.


The septum is not in anyway linked to any race. This feature appears on men and women in every nationality on earth. 

Eye Puffs not matching 
Richard Engle has been covering the "hot spots" in the world for several years.  His left eyelid is puffed out and hanging down. Due to his gruelling schedule, Richard has not been able to take care of his personal needs for intimacy, relaxation and connection with the significant people in his life. When one sacrifices their personal needs for intimacy or when those needs are not being met they develop a puff over their left eye. The exact reason for the puff can vary greatly. It may appear on a new parent who is now getting up several times during the night to take care of the newborn. For others, caring for aging parents may consume a great deal of time and energy, especially for the primary caretaker. Or a medical condition may prevent a person from having the level of intimacy they long for. It can even be translated into a sign of personal feelings of loneliness.
When the right eyelid has a puff over it and the left one does not, the person is pushing themselves too hard in their professional and business life. The eye puff may simply indicate that it is time for a vacation or just getting back to regular work hours. Sometimes these eye puffs can be temporary. For example, the eye puff can be the result of working on a project with an impending deadline or in charge of an important meeting. Anything that takes round the clock preparation can create an eye puff. The bottom line is that an eye puff on the right indicates that the person is sacrificing too much of their life force and life energy on external responsibilities and projects and not enough on their needs. I often hear when I point this out, " I would love to have more time for me but I just can't. There is just too much that is my responsibility."
The Next Level of Face Reading
Frequently I am asked how long it took me to begin reading faces. There is a long answer which is years and there is the short answer which is minutes. Regardless of your level of exposure to face reading you can always learn more. Even after years of study I can still discover a new and fascinating understanding about one of the finer features that can appear on a face.  And truthfully, I still occasionally encounter  something that I am not absolutely sure about. Having a conversation with people to check possible meanings is the best way to discover a deeper meaning. Simply put, face reading is a living, growing science.
The evidence for our deepest intuitions and best guesses about everyone we encounter is found written on their faces. However, at this point in time, face reading represents one of the frontiers in scientific research. The scientific proof for the exact connection between our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and preferences and how they manifest on the face is in its infancy. It may take years of research using various kinds of brain scans and other tests to measure and trace the direct connection between the neurons firing in our brain and how they manifest on our face.
Until then, we have the oldest form of scientific inquiry which is trial and error. By testing our insights and awareness by asking people for their feedback, creates a better understanding of what each feature, line and facial response means. I encourage each of you to take the information you have acquired from Amazing Face Reading and test it for yourself. Perhaps you may discover a new insight or an even better way of reading a feature or line. For any face reader, an open and curious mind is the best asset.
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Your feedback is valuable. My goal is to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more clearly and compassionately. I really believe we can understand every person we meet on a deeper level.
Kind regards,
Mac Fulfer
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Nostril size differing
Septum meaning
Eye puffs not matching
The Next Level of Face Reading

Face Reading Workshop


Jim would tell you that learning Amazing Face Reading is a bitter-sweet experience.  He attended the workshop in Sherman Oaks, California and ever since he has felt both blessed and cursed.  Almost everyday I hear from him how he has read someone's face and their stunned response, even his wife of many years is impressed. 
He had a business meeting and proceeded to offer insights to the owner based on his reading of faces at the company.  The owner immediately began to develop a new business opportunity based on Jim's feedback.  "WOW" was Jim's response to me, "This is powerful stuff."


Where does the rub come in?  It is simple.  Jim will never look at another person the same way again.  He will always see much more -- like the difference in technicolor and black and white.


His main frustration is not immediately remembering what the feature means.  Patience, Jim, that will come.  You know, there is no going back.