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February 2011 Newsletter


Since February is Valentine's month, I thought this newsletter could focus on relationships and how features and lines could indicate aspects of personality that impact one's significant other relationship.  I frequently tell people that reading their own face is the best place to start when learning to read faces. After understanding what one's own face says, the next logical face to read is that of your partner.


Every feature you can read on your significant other's face will help you understand and relate with him or her better. I will present a few features.  First the eyelids and how they indicate one's capacity for intimacy. The area on the upper lip shows the strength of a person's libido and a line on the chin will definitely be an indicator of one's need for support and affirmation from the person closest to him or her. 

          Top Eyelids

top lidsIf you are in a relationship with a person who has abundant eyelids like the top picture, it means they have a very high capacity for intimacy. The upside of this trait is that your partner has given their heart to you and is not likely to take it back anytime soon. They are extremely loyal and committed.  What is important for your partner is that you include them, consider them and make them a part. Your challenge may be that sometimes you may feel they want to be attached to your hip.


If you are in a relationship with someone who does not show any eyelids when their eyes are open as in the bottom picture, it does not mean that they do not have a capacity for intimacy, rather, it means they have a capacity for focus.  Whatever they are focused on gets 110% of their attention. No matter how urgent your information may seem to be, you are not likely to get their attention if they are focused on something or someone else. Your consolation is knowing that when they focus on you, it will be just as complete.

Further relationship implications:  In general, people with just a little bit of eyelid showing can adapt well in a relationship with people who have abundant eyelids or no eyelids showing. The greater challenge comes when a person with abundant eyelids and no eyelids are in a relationship.  When a person with abundant eyelids is dismissed or pushed away, they are devastated. When a person with no eyelids feels controlled, smothered or tied down, they feel trapped. Obviously, understanding your partner's preference will help you accept what is going on and not take it so personally.

           Libido lines

libidoIf your partner has a wide space under their nose, you may already know that they have a strong libido. This means that they enjoy physical touch and affection.  Chances are that you know they like being held and touched and cuddled and stroked.  If your partner has a close set ridge, it does not mean they do not enjoy hugs and kisses. Rather, it means that they divide the world into masculine and feminine. "Girls are like this..." and "Guys are like that..." They will tend to hold their own sex to a higher standard and dismiss the opposite sex because "well guys (or gals) are just like that".  Remember, in face reading, the opposite feature does not mean the opposite.


Further relationship implications: Regardless whether you determine a wide or narrow ridge on your partner's upper lip, love them with touches. Unfortunately, many people do not experience physical affection on a regular basis. Aloneness leads to disconnect and is at the root of disfunction. Our skin is a very important organ.  When touched, we feel more human and yes, more vulnerable.  Being touched lovingly might be one of the best cures for the ills of the world.
       Desirability line 
 If you are in a relationship with a person who has a line on their chin you may may already know that they are very humble in regard to what they accomplish. They are not likely to pat themselves on the back or toot their own horn. Their tendency is to do more than they have to and hope that in the process they do receive some form of affirmation. However, when it comes to their relationship with you, they need something from you but it depends on whether your partner is a man or a woman.
Implications in relationship: If you are in a relationship with a woman who has a line on her chin, every day you need to affirm her and it may be as easy as saying "You look good."  These 3 words will make you partner feel better about herself and it will make you life go much better. Emotionally, your partner is like a bucket with a hole in it. She needs some help in keeping her bucket full.

If you are a woman in a relationship with a man who has a line on his chin, then you have a man who is a doer and there is  basically nothing he can't do if he puts his mind to it. But if he has a bad day and hits the wall, then he needs you to be on his side, no matter what. His tendency is to beat himself up so he needs you to be there for him, support him and encourage him. He just is not good at doing that for himself..

A Clone or a Compliment?
There are many opinions about why people find themselves in a relationship with someone who seems to be the perfect match or a relationship seems to qualify as the "odd" couple.  We all know couples who fall into both groups and some make it and some don't.  What could possibly explain why this happens? 
Relationships are complicated and there is no one size fits all.  However, trying to understand and accept the other is a basic ingredient for success.  Whatever effort or method works, I applaud it.   
Sometimes a relationship should end, but what if each person really took the time to understand their significant other and were willing to accept that person as they are?  No matter the outcome, each would be better for ever having the relationship.  All is not lost.
Face reading will not remove all the challenges of a relationship but it will definitely help in understanding why your partner thinks, acts and speaks the way he or she does.  Sometimes we take their behavior personally but what if it is just the way that person is and was always that way?  It just happens that love is blind and in the beginning we tend not to see or experience the irritants.
We all know there is no magic bullet that makes a relationship successful and therefore long lasting.  It takes hard work and dedication.  I encourage you to take any step you can to deepen your love and connection with your partner.

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Kind regards and Happy Valentine's Day !
Mac Fulfer
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A Clone or a Compliment?
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Face Reading Workshop
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