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Next Amazing Face Reading Workshop is February 10th & 11th, 2011
January 2011 Newsletter



All the best to you and yours for a wonderful 2011. It seems like yesterday that I began sending a monthly newsletter and here we are one year later.  For those of you who subscribed during 2010, you may find last year's newsletters on my website.


I am beginning this year with two letters I received from two different people.  The first person I met just last month in Wisconsin while the second person was in a class over ten years ago.  Both stories bring out the core purpose of face reading -- creating an immediate connection with every person you meet.

  Katie Councilor

Hi Mac,

It was nice to meet you yesterday at the Madison Club. The face reading was great, but more importantly, I want to thank you for making me feel human. Banquet serving is a tough job to have, because I'm often regarded as inferior and incapable, if regarded at all. It then becomes easier for me to tune out so that I don't feel constantly disrespected. It is rare to meet someone so present, and so clearly not judgmental. And it's contagious.

I have never seen such a remarkable change in an audience as I did after your talk. Beforehand, they were strangers with needs. Afterward, they were kind and looking me in the eye, using my name, engaging me in conversation, offering compliments. I felt like I was helping family put together a lunch. If only you could talk to every group! They were all present in that room, and it made all the difference.

You do good work. As someone who is stereotyped, judged and stared at often (as many of us are), I appreciate it very much.



   Simon M. LiaSimon                                            

Dear Mac,


I attended an afternoon workshop with you over a decade ago at Disney World, after a morning on the climbing wall with some Disney executives.


Since then I have touted your skills and the main thrust of your teaching to numerous organizations across the USA and around the globe. I have used face reading as I traveled and taught and consulted with leadership teams of large organizations.


Recently a couple of friends sent you their pictures and they enjoyed recounting their readings to me as I certified them to teach one of the programs I offer, which requires a fair bit of self awareness and other-person awareness. It helped us go pretty deep into all of our make-ups and discuss who we really are. Your work opened a door for us that we were willing to walk through and then we had a great time enjoying each other's feedback, learning and growing together.


Thank you for your time and insights.  I look forward to leaning more. 




Simon M. Lia

More about the Workshop

My business partner, Ann Marks, and I are so excited about giving the two day program again.  Not only does it totally immerse each participant in the art and science of face reading but they begin to read faces overnight!  Before the close of the workshop, each participant will prepare and read a face and be amazed.  

The agenda on the first day will encompass all the parts of the face and their meaning with activities and exercises incorporated. The second day will cover several applications of face reading both for professional and personal purposes particularly sales and hiring the right person for the right job.


The workshop is open to everyone interested in having an instant and better understanding of every person they meet.  Participants can be at the very beginning stages of learning this tool or they can be someone who has been practicing face reading for many years. The program will be extremely beneficial to all. To register see information in section on the right.


Please pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested in the workshop. Thank you in advance for helping to promote this opportunity.  It would be wonderful to see you at our program next month. 

Kind regards,
Mac Fulfer
Amazing Face Reading
Face Reading Workshop
Katie Councilor
Simon M. Lia
Workshop Details

  The IFA (International Factoring Association is sponsoring this  two day workshop on Amazing Face Reading on Thursday and Friday, February 10th and 11th at the Law Office of Levinson, Arshonsky & Kurtz in Sherman Oaks, CA
. The workshop is open to the public. 

To register for the workshop call the IFA at (800) 563-1895 or go on their website:
and click Events.

All the presentations will be made by myself and my business partner, Ann Marks. We have planned not only an in depth explanation of face reading but its many applications to everyday living and working such as:
--improving relationships
--hiring and interviewing
--improving odds in sales

If you have any questions or want more information, you can call me or Ann at (817)336-3445

Happy New Year!