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December 2010 Newsletter

One of the most appealing aspects of face reading for me is the fact that it is a universal language. This means that you can go anywhere in the world and apply the exact same meaning to every facial feature you see on any person that you meet. Granted, you may not be able to receive validation because of a language barrier, but from a face reading standpoint, you can better understand everyone you meet.

I spent most of November on the other side of the world enjoying the people, sights and sounds of Viet Nam and Cambodia. It was a very enriching experience from an educational standpoint but I was also touched emotionally by the people of these war torn countries. Now at peace, their spirits are strengthened and their determination to survive restored. I am dedicating this newsletter to the wonderful people I encountered on that journey and I want to share some of their faces with you.
Tuan of Viet Nam

TuanTuan was our guide in Viet Nam. From the first moment we met I knew he would be a good guide. Even though his forehead and eyebrows reflected his intelligence, I was surprised by the depth of his knowledge of history and culture. His angled eyebrows indicated that he would stay mentally in control and, not surprisingly, he took a personal responsibility for every person in the group. His full lips revealed that he would be expressive and we were treated to an excellent non-stop flow of information. I felt like I had the equivalent of a college course in Vietnamese history by the end of the trip. Finally, his broad nose with large nostrils mark him as a giver and generous to a fault. He always shared the local treats and generously answered any questions asked of him. I am glad we met and I am proud to be his friend. He is studying to become an attorney but wants to learn face reading as a second occupation.


Personal Comment: Tuan is very proud of his country and went out of his way to show all of the Americans on the tour that, in general, we are liked by Vietnamese.These incredible people have resisted being dominated by outside forces for over a thousand years and have repelled repeated invasions from larger countries on numerous occasions. I didn't realize how easy my life was until I could see life though the eyes of people who have lived and survived in the most difficult of circumstances throughout most of their history.  

Nyp of Cambodia
NypNyp has an incredible self-will pad that shows his determination to get what he goes after. He also has a wide face we often describe as Energizer Bunny cheeks.  When he makes up his mind, he is not only going to make it happen but he also has the energy to sustain himself in what ever it takes to get the job done.  His eyelids show that he has the capacity for focus. When he commits to anything, he give it 110% of his attention. His full cheeks gave him the ability to get all of us going in the same direction, which at times must have felt like herding cats.
Personal Comment: After I read his face, Nyp became a friend and an immediate believer in face reading. He had many questions and asked me to read other people. He began to study my book and also wants to become a face reader. I have already heard from him via e-mail. Nyp has an amazing knowledge of his country's rich history. For example, there were over 1,000,000 people living in the city of Angkor Thom at the time when there was less than 30,000 people living in London.
Women of the Mekong 
This woman has spent her life on the Mekong River. Her face shows that it is a life of hard work and determination.  She has warrior cheeks which is a person with a spirit that is not easily deterred and always resilient. Her small irises and the lines on her face show a sensitive person who has gone through grief, loss and heartache.  The broad base of her nose shows that she is a provider while her flat bottom eyelids shows that she is loyal to her family and clan. A small ball on the tip of her nose says that she may also have some artistic abilities. Reading a strangers face and then discovering how accurately it describes them has been one of the most rewarding aspects of travel for me.   

Personal Comment: The dwellings of the people along the Mekong seemed tenuous but the dwellings are their homes for life.Their days are filled with tending their pearl and fish farms in order to make a living.Younger women are frequently the ones who row tourist throughout their village.This woman's life is far from what most of us experience in this part of the world but her face reflects the same kind of strength we all need to live fully.  
 A Universal Language  

I frequently tell groups that the true value of face reading is being able to see every person we meet without initially stereotyping them.Traveling in countries with completely different cultures brings this fact home in a way words cannot express. All of my pre-conceived notions about what Viet Nam or Cambodia were like evaporated as soon as I saw the faces of the people who live there.
Even the most complete documentary about some other place in the world is not at all like the first hand experience. What I came to realize is what makes a place unique is not the temples or monuments left behind, but rather the incredible stories of the people who have lived there and who are living there today.
The wonderful thing about face reading is that it is not only a universal language but it is also timeless. Cambodian history sites Alabamian VII (1092) as the greatest king of the Khmer Empire. He defeated the invaders who had taken over his country. He built temples that were as majestic and ornate as anything in Egypt and larger than the island of Manhattan. He built resting places for travellers and established hundreds of hospitals and turned his expansive empire into one of the greatest in the ancient world.

However, all the information in the museums about this incredible man did not compare with seeing his face preserved in stone. His powerful jaw, strong chin, and warrior cheeks explained his ability to unite his country and defeat their enemies. His broad nose and large low ears gave proof of his concern and compassion for his subjects. And finally, his thick even eyebrows and high forehead gave insights into the intelligence that built the lasting legacy of his empire.

I have never gone anywhere in the world without gaining a deeper appreciation for the beauty in the faces of the people that I met. Every face tells a story, and the stories written on the faces of people from exotic cultures are  fascinating. Of course, their life challenges and struggle to survive are clearly marked. The most lasting impression is not how different they are but rather how much we are alike. 

It is difficult to really see or understand our own culture while we are imbedded in it. Seeing ourselves through the eyes of  others gives us a chance to have a more objective self perception. Sometimes we cannot really see ourselves until we get far enough away from our own culture to have a new perspective. Reading faces gives a new perspective even about the people who are the closest to us.

Perhaps that is where it all begins -- with our families.
Taking a few minutes to try to read the faces of those you live with and celebrate the holidays with can be a surprising and rewarding experience. Feeling seen, understood and accepted, especially in this holiday season, can be a tonic that lifts the spirits and rekindles the family bonds. Taking the time to do this would foster greater patience and acceptance of those people whom we think we already know.

Our collective prayer might be for World Peace and perhaps the best way to reach that goal is through individual efforts to make peace with those we live and work with.  May the ending of 2010 and the dawning of 2011 be filled with peace, joy and love for you and yours.

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Mac Fulfer
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