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November 2010 Newsletter

Last month the focus of the newsletter was about our ears.  This newsletter takes the high and low position of the ears and couples them with the eyebrows. You may recall that high eyebrows are the ones where you can see flesh between the eye itself and the eyebrow while low eyebrows practically sit on top of the eye, very little, or no flesh appears between the eyes and the eyebrows. 

I have grouped the combinations so that you can see how the different eyebrow heights go with high ears then low ears.  Obviously, there are four possibilities.  Remember --- if the eyebrows do not seem to be especially high or low and the ears do not seem to be especially high or low -- SKIP READING THE COMBINATION. 

High and Low Eyebrows with High Ears
ears-eyebrows1High Eyebrows and High Ears: You take in information quickly but you are selective and discerning and you want some time to think things through.  You can get sensory overload. When you are in a situation where there is a lot going on, you may decide to step outside for a few minutes because you just need to give yourself some space to process. 
Theory: There is a stress created by the fact that information is taken in quickly by a person's high ears but the high eyebrows mean they want time to process the information. This combination is the perfect recipe for overwhelm.

Low Eyebrows and High Ears: You take in information quickly and you process it almost as quickly as you get it.  You are capable of a rapid response that can feel intimidating to some people. When you are giving information to other people you have to slow down, repeat yourself and give examples. Your challenge is that you may interrupt other people. You are not trying to be rude.Two words out of someone's mouth, you think you know exactly where they are going with it. You interrupt because if you don't express your thought, you might forget it or it will get lost in the conversation.


Theory: Everything is quick about the mind of this person because they have quick intake and quick output.They are especially good at solving problems. However, if a person just wants them to listen and not give advice, they may be out of luck. The people with this combination can't help themselves. They want to solve the problem and they are likely to interrupt the other person with their sage advice.

High and Low Eyebrows with Low Ears
ears-eyebrows2High Eyebrows and Low Ears: You listen carefully to get things right. You want to understand what is being said perfectly. Once you have the information you process it carefully and then make a plan.  You are an excellent strategist because you can develop long term, carefully thought out plans. 
Theory: This particular combination may be the most positive because there are very few challenges that go with it. Being careful to listen and then taking time to process makes for a good planner but probably would not win a  prize in a contest that requires a quick response.
Low Eyebrows and Low Ears: You take in information carefully to get it right but you have a "lets-get-it-done," "lets-do-it-now" attitude. This combination creates an inner tension. You may be too hard on yourself since you want things perfect and right now too. To find peace, you have to fine the middle ground. 

Theory: This combination has the greatest stress because they want things now and they also want to get it right. Since they can't have it both ways, there is a constant tension.They will always be pulled in both direction so for peace of mind they need to compromise.
Diplomatic Ears  
diplomatic ears
You are excellent at finding the middle ground. You can relate to people across the spectrum of humanity. The person you connect with may be rich and famous or poor and homeless. You can successfully interact with every person you meet because you can mentally get on their wavelength.

Theory: The tops of diplomatic ears are close to the head which shows some conformity, while the bottom of these ears stick out, which is someone who is independent and non-conformist. These ears may seem to be a contradiction. More importantly, they are the sign of a person who can relate well with every person they meet.  
Your Ever Changing Face  

Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying "We are born with one face but by the age of 50 we get the face we deserve." Many times this statement will bring a smile to people's
faces but it is also an incredibly true statement. You can prove it to yourself. Just go to your family photo album and find a picture of your own face in each decade of your life. You are bound to see some changes other than age related ones.

When teaching a class I use my own face as proof of how a person's face can change. As a child, my ears stuck straight out. They stayed that way all through law school. True to my ears, I was always more independent and a definite non conformist, preferring my own way rather than following any other way.

After law school I decided to set up an independent practice. I soon learned that fighting every case in court was going to keep me poor and away from the office where I could be taking in more clients. I determined something had to change. 

The obvious place to start was in the way I was handling my cases. Taking a more diplomatic approach began to work.  I was able to help my clients by finding a win-win solution.  It often included negotiations on the "middle ground" rather than fighting it out in court.

Eventually, with this approach, my law practice took off in a successful direction. What also changed was my ears! Long before I leaned about face reading I noticed my ears had moved in at the top but were still out on the bottom. Just like the ones pictured above in "Diplomatic Ears".

The reason for this change had nothing to do with aging or heredity, it had to do with the change of thinking in my brain. Making a diplomatic approach on a regular basis changed my ears. This is exactly why I named this kind of ear "diplomatic."

Now that you know your habitual thoughts and feelings can change your face, you can change your face by changing what goes through your brain. Perhaps it is time to erase some of those eye puffs by taking more time for yourself or averting the burnout line that may be deepening on the bridge of your nose by putting variety and joy in your life. 

Bottom line, you are the creator of how your face looks because the genetic contribution to your appearance will fade with time.  If you are not yet 50, you are still working on the face you deserve.

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