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Weekly update of NSP news and events  November 30, 2010

Featured Property


124 Ericson Front-Straight 


124 Ericson St.

Atlanta, GA



List Price: $245,000

Up to $75K in homebuyer assistance (read DISCOUNTS) available with this home! Call today....





210 Mayson Ave

210 Mayson Ave. Atlanta 30307


Sold Price: $199,900

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Other Metro Atlanta Area NSP Programs
Although we would love everyone to want one of our fantastic NSP houses in the City of Atlanta, we know there are other, very desirable parts of our metro area where buyers would like to live. Many areas have received NSP funding and most programs have similar guidelines since they are all under the HUD umbrella.

Here are a few we know about and the links to their websites:

Here is a list of all the City of Atlanta NSP homes currently on the market. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have on them today.

ADDRESS                           PRICE          SIZE            FMLS #
2444 Main St. 30318      $  99,900      2114         113734
4028 Doster Dr 30331       109,900        ??          4113736
2718 Crescendo 30318       90,000        ??          4148043
409 Inman St 30310         110,000      1481        4151440
2321 Sandspring  30331    138,278      2406        4081516
1384 Lansing 30315         119,900      2060         4147699
60 Thayer 30315             134,900      1746         4087361

-          As always, let us know if you have any questions regarding the fantastic buyer incentives available with NSP funds.

 or call (404) 810-0025 today!

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