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Critter Camp   WON $10,000!!!!!!!
Ok we didn't really "win" it, BUT we are getting $10,000 from Chase Community Giving!
There was a technical error announcing that about 20-30 charities that did not place in the top 196 had still won $10k on Thursday am, including Critter Camp. Then it was removed. After much gnashing of teeth, complaints and cries of agony CHASE decided - gasp - to DO THE RIGHT THING and go ahead and donate the $10k to the affected charities!! Amazing!!!!! 
chase thank you
You can send thanks you to CHASE: 
Our best friend Erich who made this happen: in PR, Executive Office: 1-800-242-7399. Public Responsibility Committee (who handles their charitable contributions): for Illinois (where Critter Camp is based)  contact Ron Zinnerman or Beverly Meek or Eric Lugo
Post thank you's to their 
Chase Community Giving page on Facebook too!!!!
And Welcome NEWEST Critters!
Cairo the fennec fox 
His loving owner had a change of living arrangements & wanted him to come to a safe place where he would be at home. 
Meet Newest Critter Camp Fennec Fox Cairo
Meet Newest Critter Camp Fennec Fox Cairo
Group of 5 Ferrets
Their loving owner had severe health problems and needed them to stay together as a group. They are enjoying Critter Camp's Free range Ferret room!

Jasper who has a limp from an old injury
 And finally 
penelope hamster
Penelope a baby syrian hamster, she is already adopted!

Everyone needs COFFEE!!
Order awesome Gourmet Roast coffee and help Critter Camp at the same time!
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Critter Camp has been accepted as one of only a few Animal Charities on ECHOage
Teach your kids about giving in a fun way!
This fantastic site promotes birthday parties for kids that also help charities! 
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See the article in Woman's Day here!
Critter Camp!!!
Critter Camp!!!
Check out this fantastic funny and cute video The Possum Posse made for Critter Campp! 
Be sure to Share it & subscribe to their channel too!!