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Hey people Critter Camp will be in the CHASE contest! Voting begins SEPT 6 BE READY!!!!
Critter Camp raised about $1000 at our fundraiser on Aug 11, thanks to everyone who came out & sent in donations too!
We used a little to buy a much needed camera - so new pics will be coming regularly now!
Meet some of our newest residents:
Monster the ratty
He had bumblefoot but it has healed well
peanut spike
 Peanut & Spike
Peanut has an inoperable tumor, but is not in pain or discomfort
lady bun
A carnival worker left this bunny at the fairgrounds after having obtained it from someone exhibiting at the fair, when this poor scared little momma gave birth the worker did not want her since he was travelling - Critter Camp was called and rescued Lady but not before one of her babies didn't make it, we have her in a safe small dark quiet area and she appeared to be nursing her two remaining babies this evening- will keep you posted -
ladys food
Lady's food- she was given moldy hay cubes and feed corn- horrible
Darwin the guinea piggy

We have also recently taken in a family of 5 sugar gliders and some more guinea piggies- and a ratty- more pics soon!

Lots of Thanks You's this week to give out!! 
Thank you to Olaf's Mom for the generous donation to help care for our ratties!! 
Thank you to the PETCO Distribution center for a huge donation of supplies! 
petco donation  
  And to Bunspace for their donation of Apple Twigs for our Bunnies!!!
buns twigs  buns twigs
alice with twigs  
Prairie Dogs Charlie & Putt Putt came up with a new Olympic Sport: Synchronized Sleeping!
charlie putt putt sleeping 2

Switch Places.....
charlie putt putt sleeping 2
Buy your Tickets now!!!
 Friday September 7
Critter Camp partners with Friends Forever Humane Society 
to bring the Raise the Woof Comedy show to Freeport IL at the Eagles Club Hall 1200 W. Galena
 Doors open at 6pm
full menu & bar
Silent Auction
Free mini (chair) massages from 6-8!
Show at 8 pm
NEW! VIP Tables are available for 8 tickets and an additional $50 donation- 
Tickets are $20 each & 
available at
 Paws & Claws Clinic in Freeport & at Critter Camp- call us at 
815-266-1342 or email 
or buy online right now:
 Buy Now
comedy night 
Critter Camp has been accepted as one of only a few Animal Charities on ECHOage
Teach your kids about giving in a fun way!
This fantastic site promotes birthday parties for kids that also help charities! 
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See the article in Woman's Day here!
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Critter Camp!!!
Critter Camp!!!
Check out this fantastic funny and cute video The Possum Posse made for Critter Campp! 
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