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What a Week!
Critter Camp took in 16 new animals, and broke our digital camera! Luckily Jennifer T on Facebook offered to send us her CoolPix camera- so look for pics of the rest of the new critters soon!
Meanwhile here is Willy Wonka- a bunny that was in Kentucky and left outside with no food, his cagemate died and he was rescued by folks we met in the Pepsi contest. He will be safe & sound, fed and warm here in Critter Camp's Bunny Haven!
willy wonka
In addition to Willy We took in another rabbit- Fudge who was left at the local PETCO - the family said their hunting dogs didn't get along with her- sigh!
From a kill shelter with no room we took 5 mice and a Roborovski hamster.
From a no-kill shelter we took 4 dwarf hamsters that were biters and a rat with medical issues so they could make room for adoptable animals.
And from folks who had to find a safe place for their ratties with medical issues due to economic reasons we took 3 ratties- Monster a big sweet boy with bumblefoot, Peanut and Spike a lovely girl with a nasty tumor. 
Critter Camp has been accepted as one of only a few Animal Charities on ECHOage
This fantastic site promotes birthday parties for kids that also help charities! 
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See the article in Woman's Day here!
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Hey Everyone
we need supply $ now!
Plan to be at the Loose Screw in German Valley on Sat Aug 11 for our 3rd annual fundraiser party!!!!
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 Friday September 7
Critter Camp partners with Friends Forever Humane Society 
to bring the Raise the Woof Comedy show to Freeport IL at the Eagles Club Hall 1200 W. Galena
 Doors open at 6pm
full menu & bar
Silent Auction
Free mini (chair) massages from 6-8!
Show at 8 pm
Tickets are $20 each & 
available at
 Paws & Claws Clinic in Freeport & at Critter Camp- call us at 
815-266-1342 or email 
or buy online right now:
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comedy night 
Critter Camp!!!
Critter Camp!!!
Check out this fantastic funny and cute video The Possum Posse made for Critter Campp! 
Be sure to Share it & subscribe to their channel too!!