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 Critter Camp is in the Global Giving Challenge &
 we need your donations!
 Only $10 will help us out! 
We have to raise $4k this month to earn a permanent spot on the
 Global Giving site giving Critter Camp access to corporate donations and many other perks! 

OR Text GIVE 9918 to 80088 to donate $10 to 
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary Rescues 80 Pets! 
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Please give and share! Thank you!!!

CUTE New Critters!
mocha glider
Sugar glider Mocha- she is malnourished and has been overgrooming since her cagemate/mom passed away.
mocha bert
She is now happily paired up with our Bert and gaining weight already!

New Bunnies!

Marlowe & 
Jasper  marlowe jasper


All 3 are now free range in Bunny Haven

We have a NEW Bid in on LAND!  
Fingers crossed again!!!

Miss Diggit the Prairie Dog dreaming
Miss Diggit the Prairie Dog dreaming

  wiley bread
And You may have heard of Cat Breading, well here at Critter Camp we're just a little different -
we have Fennec Fox Breading!! 
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C'mon folks lets get those items to Mysterious & Reassuring!!!!
(Thank you Penny for the write up :))
It's almost spring time, and that means spring cleaning! Have you discovered any unusual items that just don't belong in your home or garage anymore? Here's a great opportunity to do some cleaning and raise some funds for Critter Camp!
Mysterious & Reassuring, "Franklin Park's most interesting Consignment Shop," has named Critter Camp as its Not-for-Profit Beneficiary for the month of April 2012! The shop will give Critter Camp 100% of the proceeds of all April sales!
So, if you have something that fits the bill (see list below), please consider giving it to M&R for Critter Camp's benefit in April. 
Thanks for helping Critter Camp!


Do bring us Strange & Unique, Vintage & Antique: 
         Home Furnishings
         Household Items
         Ladies Handkerchiefs
         Art Objects
         Very Special Garments*
         Gently-Used Good Clothes
         Theatrical Costumes
         Theatrical Props/Scenery
         Halloween Costumes (in season)
         Holiday Decor (in season)
         Ballroom Dance Costumes/Dresses
         Role Playing Games/Supplies
         Police Department Memorabilia
         Fire Department Memorabilia
         Railroad Memorabilia


Do not bring us:


         Clothing/Shoes (unless they are Very Special Garments or Gently-Used Good Clothes)
         Special Occasion Gowns/Shoes (Wedding, Bridesmaid, Prom, etc. - Except for our Halloween Season of September-October)


What is a Very Special Garment?
*Vintage clothing from the 1950's and prior.  These garments need to be well preserved and have that special "something".
 or call us at 224.795.9983  
or Critter Camp at  or call 815-266-1342