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It's always a good time to order gifts for the critters from our Wish List on Amazon!

New Piggies!!!

Valentine & Petunia




We  are still waiting for a reply on our offer on the land!   We do have a few other prospects in mind too. Critter Camp will receive the second half of the funds in March and will have land within a couple of months!
Keep up to date with Pepsi Project 1 here on our site!

(Thank you Penny for the write up :))
It's almost spring time, and that means spring cleaning! Have you discovered any unusual items that just don't belong in your home or garage anymore? Here's a great opportunity to do some cleaning and raise some funds for Critter Camp!
Mysterious & Reassuring, "Franklin Park's most interesting Consignment Shop," has named Critter Camp as its Not-for-Profit Beneficiary for the month of April 2012! The shop will give Critter Camp 100% of the proceeds of all April sales!
So, if you have something that fits the bill (see list below), please consider giving it to M&R for Critter Camp's benefit in April. 
Thanks for helping Critter Camp!


Do bring us Strange & Unique, Vintage & Antique: 
         Home Furnishings
         Household Items
         Ladies Handkerchiefs
         Art Objects
         Very Special Garments*
         Gently-Used Good Clothes
         Theatrical Costumes
         Theatrical Props/Scenery
         Halloween Costumes (in season)
         Holiday Decor (in season)
         Ballroom Dance Costumes/Dresses
         Role Playing Games/Supplies
         Police Department Memorabilia
         Fire Department Memorabilia
         Railroad Memorabilia


Do not bring us:


         Clothing/Shoes (unless they are Very Special Garments or Gently-Used Good Clothes)
         Special Occasion Gowns/Shoes (Wedding, Bridesmaid, Prom, etc. - Except for our Halloween Season of September-October)


What is a Very Special Garment?
*Vintage clothing from the 1950's and prior.  These garments need to be well preserved and have that special "something".
 or call us at 224.795.9983  
or Critter Camp at  or call 815-266-1342 


Keep voting everyone!

We NEED A LOT More Votes!!!!!
Only 3 more weeks and we need to move up!!
Ask a few new people to vote  for us too!

bunny ahven march 2
Bunnies in Bunny haven want you to vote now!!! 
Cast one vote per day until March 18  for Critter Camp in the Animal Rescue Site Challenge!!
animal rescue site

No logging in either! Just type in Critter Camp in the shelter field and IL for the state, search, then click vote & you'll have to do an easy captcha & that's it!
march quiggles
Quiggly says PLEASE Vote and get some friends to vote too!!!

each time you go to the site Critter Camp will already be there as the last shelter you voted for- super easy!!
feb wiley
Wiley is begging for Votes too!!

Remember to vote every day till March 18! 
And ask your friends to help out too!
Please share & ask folks to vote to help care for all our unusual critters too!!


munch in wheel
Munch is learning to use a wheel! So is Fin :) 
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