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Pepsi Refresh Grant Updates:

Critter Camp received the first half of our $50,000 grant in October. Since then we have
rescued 89 animals

and purchased literally tons of supplies. 

New animals this week Include ratties:
kane rat
Kane - male ratty with lung scarring issues

Ashely - female with a mammary tumor
Baby boy mousies playing, up close and being CUTE
Baby boy mousies playing, up close and being CUTE

And the newest baby mice continuing to get cuter ever day!

We Have put in an offer on a parcel of land for the new facility, and are waiting for a reply!!  We do have a few other prospects in mind too. Critter Camp will receive the second half of the funds in March and will have land within a couple of months!
Keep up to date with Pepsi Project 1 here on our site!

We received the $5000 grant in January to give educational materials and presentations to a minimum of 500 people.  We have already given hand-outs and presentations to over 200!

Thank you's from the Pecatonica IL Elementary students
Keep up to date on our Pepsi Project 2 here on our site!

And we received the first half of our $10,000 grant in February to create booklets on immediate small animal care for cat/dog shelters. Work will begin in March on compiling the information and formatting the booklets.

Thank You to everyone who has voted for us in these contests!!! 
More contests will be coming up this year- be ready!

Time's Running out for you to find wonderful collectibles, antiques and other "stuff" to donate for the April fundraiser at the 
brand new business :
 opening in March in Franklin Park, IL will be helping featured Charities each month and Critter Camp gets April. So we need people to donate unique items to be sold at the shop - you get rid of that dusty antique and Critter Camp gets the sale price!  
For details contact either
 or call us at 224.795.9983  
or Critter Camp at  or call 815-266-1342 



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Only 3 more weeks and we need to move up!!
Ask a few new people to vote  for us too!

zoey cheeto
Zoey says Please vote for us! 

Cast one vote per day until March 18  for Critter Camp in the Animal Rescue Site Challenge!!
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No logging in either! Just type in Critter Camp in the shelter field and IL for the state, search, then click vote & you'll have to do an easy captcha & that's it!
Guinness by Jeff
Guinness hopes you'll vote for Critter Camp! 

each time you go to the site Critter Camp will already be there as the last shelter you voted for- super easy!!

Remember to vote every day till March 18! 
And ask your friends to help out too!
Please share & ask folks to vote to help care for all our unusual critters too!!

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Totally Ferret  

totally ferret


pix rip Very Sad News
Miss Pixie the blind kitten has gone to the Rainbow Bridge 
Much too soon and too young
We are all devastated by the loss