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Welcome 14 new rescues! 
jan baby mice 3
jan baby mice 2
jan baby mice
Momma Daddy & 7 baby mousies!

eureka hedgie
Eureka the shy hedgehog
pap hamster
Papa Hamster
trump robo
Trump hamster
(check the comb-over look :)

We also took in 2 baby ratties, a gecko and a baby garter snake and found great homes for them! 
Thanks Christa & Jeff!

Totally Ferret  

totally ferret


Rescued baby mice at Critter Camp
Rescued baby mice at Critter Camp

has partnered with Critter Camp
to offer plush replicas of some of our rescued critters! 
A percentage of the purchase price comes to Critter Camp to care for the Rescues! 
 plush zoey
Zoey approves of the fennec plush!

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