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Critter Camp made a big Christmas Rescue last week saving many animals' lives!
Welcome 14 new critters:
asf rats 
Jake & Elwood African Soft Furred Rats
albino gerbils
Albino gerbils Snowball & Blizzard
guinea pig viktor
Viktor the guinea pig
male rats charlie & max
Max & Charlie bitey rats 
rabbit princess buttercup
Rabbit Princess Buttercup
rabbit stitches
Stitches Blind baby Lionhead rabbit - going to Tender Tails then K&R Sanctuarywhere he has a home waiting!
rabbit pooh
Pooh rabbit also going to Tender Tails then
K& R Sanctuary
rabbit rex dutch
Dutch Rex rabbit going to Tender Tails then
K & R Sanctuary
rabbit spot rex
Spot Rex rabbit going to Tender Tails then
K & R Sanctuary
rabbit thumper
Dutch Rex rabbit going to Tender Tails then
K & R Sanctuary

pixie kitten
And Pixie the blind kitten rescued by CritterCampMom 

Thank you to everyone who worked together to make this holiday rescue happen!!!! 

We're still working on the videos of the Critters with their Christmas treats & toys!

Be sure to check our YouTube Channel

For all of the new videos!!


See all of the 30+ pics on our Facebook page!


greens tree

One of 4 greens trees with carrot presents for the bunnies and guinea piggies! 

Jackson dumbell

Jackson with his new dumbell


Buddy Ferret presents

Buddy ferret with his gift basket


ratty charlei treat

Charlie ratty with his croissant 



Into-The-Wild has partnered with Critter Camp
to offer plush replicas of some of our rescued critters! 
A percentage of the purchase price comes to Critter Camp to care for the Rescues! 
 plush zoey
Zoey approves of the fennec plush!

Thank you ALL we raised enough $$  to pay our Vet bill in full!!

Thank you!!! 


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