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Welcome 3 new Guinea Piggies to Critter Camp's free range Piggy Haven

 piggy roasi Rosie- her family became allergic to her

piggy Indie
Indie has health issues- she has a sway back, vitamin C deficiency and hind leg weakness

piggy cinnamon
Cinnamon came in with Indie from a shelter- they are bonded, older and unlikely to be adopted due to Indie's condition

Now Safe & sound here at Critter Camp's Piggy haven!
Just in time for holiday treats! :))

Last Time folks!!
Right now Critter Camp is at #1!!!! 
Please Vote now for us and our partners!!
This time we will be creating a guide to immediate care and proper placement of  
unusual pets (like rabbits, lizards, ferrets, etc.)that will be distributed FREE 
to cat/dog shelters across the US! 
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Thanks to all of you
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This time we will win $5000
to bring our educational presentations and hand-out materials to a minimum of 500 people!
**We've heard that there will be no Pepsi Contest next year- so this is it let's win it while we can- for the animals!!!!***


Into-The-Wild has partnered with Critter Camp
to offer plush replicas of some of our rescued critters! 
A percentage of the purchase price comes to Critter Camp to care for the Rescues! 
 plush zoey
Zoey approves of the fennec plush!

And another of our Critters is 'Famous'!

In the new DVD documentary about Jane Goodall, "Jane's Journey"

is a segment with her friend and friend of Critter Camp Gary Haun the blind magician. He is using our rescued white dove Momma in one of his tricks! She was beautiful and did her job perfectly! :))

Get the DVD here:   




Videos & Pics of Critters with their presents!!! 


Critter Camp's Happy Holiday Giving Page is up and running!




We almost have enough donated to pay our Vet bill in full!!

Thank you!!! 


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