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Last Time folks!!
Right now Critter Camp is at #1!!!!
Please Vote now for us and our partners!!
This time we will be creating a guide to immediate care and proper placement of  
unusual pets (like rabbits, lizards, ferrets, etc.)that will be distributed FREE 
to cat/dog shelters across the US! 
Click HERE for a Quick Link to vote for Critter Camp and our Partners
you can Text your votes too:
text clorox 
Note we are also partnering with St. Vincent school in the Clorox contest- they only have 4 days left in their contest- please help & vote for them HERE, and or Text your vote - see above.


Thanks to all of you
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This time we will win $5000
to bring our educational presentations and hand-out materials to a minimum of 500 people!
**We've heard that there will be no Pepsi Contest next year- so this is it let's win it while we can- for the animals!!!!***


Remember when Holiday shopping this year:

Stop by 
before ordering online! Choose critter Camp as your charity & a percentage of your purchases from stores like Amazon and Staples will go to Critter Camp without costing you a cent!

Also great gift ideas:
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Select any of the 18 designs of T's, Hoodies and Sweats! Kids & Adult sizes! Excellent quality! Great gifts!

Also Visit our Cafe press Site to buy gifts with pics of the critters here on them! 
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 The Pepsi Grant CANNOT be used for Vet bills! This is not just our grant- NONE of the Pepsi grants are allowed to use their winnings for medical costs of any kind.

So we still need donations to help pay our medical costs! 

Please consider sending a few dollars in today!


Direct your donation to


Can you give $5, 10, $25 right now? 
network for good
Donate at Network for Good too! You can set up monthly donations there as well- even $5 a month helps alot! 
Guess who else we saw on Animal Planet's show America's Cutest Pets??
Zoey the fennec fox with her cheeto!! At about 6 minutes into the show! 
Then of course was 
 Jackson the macaw at about 37 minutes into the show there he was! Showing off his feather. 
It will air again this coming Saturday- check your local listings for time.

Critter Camp's Happy Holiday Giving Page is up and running!




Time again for the Ferret Giving Tree!

Ferret Giving Tree 

All of Critter Camp's ferrets have Santas! yay! 

Check out our new
Expert Videos
 on Exotic Pet Care
on Geobeats!
(click on the photo to see the video )
geobeats fennec fox
Fennec Foxes as Pets
geobeats ferret
Ferrets as Pets

geobeats hedgehog
Hedgehogs as Pets

geobeats guinea pigs
Guinea Pigs as pets

geobeats gerbils
geobeats degus
Degus as Pets

sugar gliders
Sugar Gliders as Pets
geobeats bearedies
Bearded Dragons as Pets
goebeats chinchillas
Chinchilla as Pets

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