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Our two new intake thanks to the

 PEPSI $$$!!!


 Miss Bunnicula

Found as a stray, purported to be mean as all get out, possibly even an escaped meat rabbit, she is a big girl- over 14 lbs! She was 15 minutes from euthansia when Critter Camp stepped in with help from Tender Tails to save her life!


mrs horton bunnicula

Here Mrs. Horton greets Bunnicula, her new twin



Tender Tails also saved this little hamster from euthanasia as well- Now living here at Critter Camp, her new name is S'mores

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Can you believe it!?
Critter Camp has another entry in the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest!
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Starting next Tuesday November 1 at noon Eastern time be sure to vote every day!
We will send the link next week~
Just be prepared!
This time we are going for $5000
to bring our educational presentations and hand-out materials to a minimum of 500 people!
Let's do it again folks!!!
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Adoption Success Story

spet 3 ratty boys

The 3 Ratty boys were adopted by a homeschooling family and are enjoying a fantastic new life being played with and doted upon



New Quiggly Video:

Quiggly the fennec fox eating Spaghetti!
Quiggly the fennec fox eating Spaghetti!




 The Pepsi Grant CANNOT be used for Vet bills! This is not just our grant- NONE of the Pepsi grants are allowed to use their winnings for medical costs of any kind.

So we still need donations to help pay our medical costs! 

Please consider sending a few dollars in today!


Direct your donation to


Can you give $5, 10, $25 right now? 
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Donate at Network for Good too! You can set up monthly donations there as well- even $5 a month helps alot!

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