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19 NEW Critters at Critter Camp this week!!! 

kazoo new gerbil
A male gerbil, Kazoo new to Critter Camp this week From Animal Welfare League in Chicago. He is one of the few survivors of the horrific Berwyn animal hoarding case: 


2 new gerbils fred barney

Fred & Barney also came from AWL from the hoarding case in berwyn




Randall the rabbit comes to Critter Camp from K & R Sanctuary in WI , Randall was found as a stray over a year ago, lived in multiple homes and multiple shelters, he just doesn't like people- can you blame him!? Now he's safe & sound here at Critter Camp & will be free range in Bunny haven soon!


Willow the hedgehog came in this week among 19 new critters at Critter Camp. She's been thru a few homes already and is not really people friendly at all.
rhode kurby
These two tiny female mousies, Rhodie and Khurbie, were found by rescuer T in a parking space in a box right where the wheel would go if someone pulled in! Amazing she found them and amazing they are ok! Precious little darlings they are!
9 m mice
9 male mousies - stunning colors! Some of the 19 animals taken in by Critter Camp this week. They come from Animal Welfare League in Chicago
miss mouse
Little Miss Mouse , one of 19 new intakes at Critter Camp this week. She came from Animal Welfare League in Chicago
She may be pregnant so we will watch her closely
new dwarf white
little white and little brown dwarf hamsters from our local PETCO, they were to be euthanized for biting but they saved them and sent them to Critter Camp. They truly do care about all of the critters!
brown dwarf petco
Newest Videos!
Alistair the rescued mink playing at Critter Camp
Alistair the rescued mink playing at Critter Camp
NEW! He is running like a ferret on caffiene!
a few of Critter Camp's ferrets settling in for the night
a few of Critter Camp's ferrets settling in for the night

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