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 Meet Newest Critter Camp Resident

Clyde Frog 

clyde frog

Clyde Frog is an albino African Clawed Frog

They can live up to 30 years!

He eats a floating pellet frog food, and he eats it with gusto!

See the video here:

Clyde Frog eating - adorable!
Clyde Frog eating - adorable!



We are still walking on air about Critter Camp winning $50,000

in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project!!

Thank you to everyone!!

It was an enormous group effort  

And you all helped!


While we still haven't received any $ yet we know it's coming!


   Please take amoment to help support these current entries during this last week of September: 






Mister Quiggly the fennec fox steals Verde the Parrot's fruit!
Mister Quiggly the fennec fox steals Verde the Parrot's fruit!

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