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in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest Thanks to you!!!!

Critter Camp is STILL in the top 10!

Only 2 more days!!!!


Remember, the top ten finalists at the end of the month in our category EACH wins $50,000!!!


Only YOU can 

KEEP Critter Camp in that

TOP 10!!!!



Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary in the Pepsi contest! 


Text 108022 to Pepsi (73774) - its FREE!! Save & vote every day in August & ask all your contacts to vote too!

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Use PEPSI power vote codes too in the yellow caps & in boxes, enter up to 10 codes/day! or email the codes to us & we'll use 'em!


PLEASE Share, Forward, ask everyone you know to vote!

This is our last chance & we can do it!! 


Hey, till we win those big bucks we still need YOUR donations to feed & care for the critters! 


Direct your donation to
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network for good
Donate at Network for Good too! You can set up monthly donations there as well- even $5 a month helps alot!
And don't forget our Wish List on too- lots of supplies we always need

How about some CUTE Pics! 


bert glider

Bert the sugar glider


jackson hamming it up

Jackson the macaw hamming it up- he loves the camera!



Fievel the chinchilla being super cute!


Thanks to Sharon Shaw for the cute pics!



As promised-
Mink video!

Alistair the rescued Mink exploring

Alistair the rescued Mink exploring

alistair mink close up 2
Alistair in all his sleekness
alistair mink up close
 and smiling for the camera :)

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