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What in the world is the newest Critter at Critter Camp???? 
Meet Alistair.....
alistair 2
alistair 3
He is a mink!
He's an escapee from a fur farm that was briefly kept as a pet and then turned in to animal control.
He has something wrong with his left eye.
He is absolutely stunning!
Watch for video of him out & playing coming in the next few weeks, after his shots & neutering.
He does not smell at all, he is not 'viscious' but also not handleable.



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Some Cute Pics!

buffalo bill bo nom
Buffalo Bill & Bo share greens

dreamsicle piggy noms
Dreamsicle the piggy wants all the strawberries & greens!
pat bandit nom
Pat & Bandit share greens
buddy in banana
Buddy in our new Banana hammock
donated by Lori D.
 thank you!!!!


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