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Inside info- Critter Camp is already in the top 10!!!


Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary is back in the Pepsi contest! VOTE!


Text 108022 to Pepsi (73774) - its FREE!! Save & vote every day in August & ask all your contacts to vote too!

Vote online thru facebook & or email -click on the link!


Use PEPSI power vote codes too in the yellow caps & in boxes, enter up to 10 codes/day! or email the codes to & we'll use 'em!


PLEASE Share, Forward, ask everyone you know to vote!

This is our last chance & we can do it!! 


Our awesome Headliner Band The Crunchy Frogs  are collecting the Pepsi Caps for us too!!!
Check out their home page !!
 Save the Date!!
August 13!
fundraiser 2011 
Have an item or gift certificate to donate for the Silent Auction? Email us at !

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 Corvette Raffle  



2011 vette

2000 Millenium Yellow Corvette Roadster  

Engine: 350 ci, 345 HP

Transmission: automatic, 4 speed
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Critter Camp receives 50% of every ticket purchased!



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Direct your donation to
network for good
Donate at Network for Good too! You can set up monthly donations there as well- even $5 a month helps alot!
And don't forget our Wish List on too- lots of supplies we always need


Welcome our newest rescues:

caramel daisy 

Caramel & Daisy the

guinea piggies 

Their owners got tired of caring for them, they are about 5 years old.



 Guinnie the guinea pig, came in with the 20 rats & Hammie the hamster



Grampa Ratty

9 boys

the 9 boy ratties in their travel container

girl ratties

two of the 4 adult girls

2 baby girls

2 of the 3 baby girls

baby boys

the 3 baby boys just 'hangin out'

the 6 two month old babies will be for adoption!








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 THANK YOU to the PETCO Foundation and our local Rockford IL PETCO store for their generous donation to Critter Camp from
 the Spring a Pet Fundraiser!!

It is greatly appreciated!!!

petco foundation