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Duke the rescued ferret new at Critter Camp

Duke the rescued ferret new at Critter Camp


Mister Duke is free range with the ferrets at Critter Camp!

He does have adrenal & just got his first Ferretonin implant.

 Listen to him "dook"all the time! Anyone else have a ferrret that does that?





Because we have so many adorable videos and pictures posted of the beloved Fennec Foxes Zoey, Quiggly & Wiley that live here

We get at least a dozen questions every week about how are they as pets

So we created our new:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Fennec Foxes as Pets Page!

Stop by for real life honest info on keeping these little goofballs as pets

3 foxes


Not ready to have a real live fennec , but can't resist their cuteness?

Get your very own FENNEC FOX

and help our Critter Camp too!!

Into-the-Wild is selling these adoarble fennec fox plushes and aportion of the proceeds goes to Critter Camp!


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fennec toy 2 

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Newest T to benenfit Critter Camp!

 This one is a MUST HAVE!!!

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Verde the parrot sings the Theme to Robot Chicken

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Try some awesome Vivify from

Totally Ferret  

your ferrets will love it!



 THANK YOU to the PETCO Foundation for awarding Critter Camp another "We are Family Too" Grant to continue our Emergency Help Program!

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