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NEW Ratties!


 monroe smudges cookie

Smudges, enjoying his first Cookie Saturday at Critter Camp!



Chinno- Smudges' cagemate

(and yes, he got a cookie too :)



chin white boy

Update: This little fella's new name is Fieval :) 


New bunny Spirit

is a she , not a he! :)


* We also had ininteresting applicant to try to adopt Spirit( although she isn't for adoption.)

She claimed to be good friends with Spirit's mommy who is ill and that she wanted her to adopt Spirit immediately. She was very convincing, and yet wanted the rabbit asap for Easter.Well because we always check references we found out that the former owner did not know this person at all, and upon further investigation we found that the potential adopter only wanted a rabbit for Easter and there were none for sale locally. All rescues should always ask for and check references!




New Videos!!
Theme from Robot Chicken Sung by Parrot

Theme from Robot Chicken Sung by Parrot



Fennec Fox Friday! Quiggly and Wiley at Critter Camp

Fennec Fox Friday! Quiggly and Wiley at Critter Camp


We try not to beg and plead too often for donations.....
But right now we are asking you to find that $5 , $10 or even $25
to give the Critters  a helping hand
We have vet bills & our insurance premium that must be paid asap!
This week alone 5 bunnies are in being spayed/neutered so they can hop free in our Bunny Haven

Direct your donation to
network for good
Donate at Network for Good too! You can set up monthly donations there as well- even $5 a month helps alot!

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Critter Camp is proud to be named a Constant Contact 2010 All Star Award Winner! 




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 THANK YOU to the PETCO Foundation for awarding Critter Camp another "We are Family Too" Grant to continue our Emergency Help Program!

petco foundation


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Our fuzzies love Totally Ferret food & Vivify too!


Totally Ferret also helps out shelters! Isn't that great!






Those of you who have visited us here at Critter Camp will remember our beloved big  old dog Zeke. The kindest gentlest dog there ever was. He has passed to the Rainbow Bridge this week due to advanced cancer at the age of 11 1/2. He was adopted from the local shelter at age 5 months, he was here before there was a Critter Camp and he welcomed every animal graciously.

He played with the ferrets, and kissed the mice on command.

We miss him more than we can say.

These Hammies 
 are for adoption now!

Check our sitePetfinder or our Facebook page!

march torti hammarch panda ham

      Torti hammie             Panda Hammie 

Adoptable Rabbits:

bo lola nesquik bunny

Bo & Lola    and     Nesquik 


Email is if interested in any of the critters above