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Meet Buddy the ferret,Critter Camp's recent rescue. He has been living in that aquarium his whole life. He has not been allowed out of it for years.

He was eating terible food with raisins in it, had a rusty can to hold his water bottle, and if this isnt enough the owner himself cut off his tail so it didnt get caught in the lid again. He is now in our free range ferret room here at Critter Camp, learning to interact with other ferrets, eating good food, enjoying Vivify & Ferretvite, and getting lots of loves and cuddles!



A Rescue
A Rescue "Tail" at Critter Camp, Buddy the ferrret

 And then there's... 


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Meet Lefty the male french lop rabbit & Righty the femal french lop rabbit-

Lefty & Righty came to Critter Camp this week from a shelter in Chicago where they were going to be euthanized.
Their owners surrenderred them and some of their babies, some of the babies also had missing ears,
because the people had put rubber bands on their ears to make them stand up 'like normal rabbits'
The irritation caused the rabbits to chew off each others' ears and a few of the babies' too.
The babies will be adopted by the shelter, but these two were considered unadoptable and they didn't have space to keep them.
Even though Critter Camp is full on bunnies we agreed to give these two an good life in our free range Bunny Haven after all they've been through. 




















3 Fennec foxes! Zoey, Quiggly & Wiley at Critter Camp!
3 Fennec foxes! Zoey, Quiggly & Wiley at Critter Camp!


See how well Wiley the fennec fox

 is adjusting to his new home here at Critter Camp!








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Thank you to our Transporters!!

 Sharon who drove all the way to New York to pick up Wiley!


Sandy for hooking us up with Sharon!


Shary for dropping everything and running to pick up critters whenever we need her!




CBS Messenger for safely bringing the rescue critters from chicago area to Rockford same day at reasonable rates.




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These Hammies will be for adoption soon!

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march panda ham


Adoptable Rabbits:

bo lola nesquik bunny

Bo & Lola    and     Nesquik



Email is if interested in any of the critters above