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That's Right- 19 new arrivals this week!!


Wiley the fennec fox, all the way from New York!

His owner specifically sent him to live at Critter Camp,  due to health issues (owner's) and could not care for him. Wiley met Zoey & Quiggly and made himself right at home :)

More pics & video to come next week!



Percy the coturnix quail was found in a park near Chicago in January, being a non-native speices he would not have survived outside. He is on his way to a new adoptive home soon!


laverne shirley



Laverne & Shirley little white mice that were pets, then going to be fed as live feeders, then turned in to a shelter - they have a forever home here at Critter Camp now



playdoh piggy

Play-doh the guinea pig was rescued from a cramped filthy cage and will now live out her life happy & free range in Critter Camp's Piggy Haven


moose bunny

Moose was rescued from a hoarder/breeder with 60 rabbits in her basement. She is very aggressive and will stay at Critter Camp in our Bunny Haven once she is spayed.


nesquik bunny

Nesquik was

rescued with Moose from the hoarder/breeder . He is a purebred netherland dwarf with handsome markings and a sweet temperment. He will be for adoption soon! He also needs to be neutered yet.

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The rest of these critters came from a foreclosure on a hoarder/breeder who had over 30 hamsters and other small rodents , many were injured, many had mites and were malnourished.


These hammies, gerbil & ratties are unadoptable due to injury and behavior:


march gray syrian march tan syrain march dwarf 


march ham whitemarch gerb

ratty girl ratty girls biters


These Hammies will be for adoption soon!

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march wite syrainmarch golden hammarch torti ham

march panda ham