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Welcome new cockatiel



She is an older female tiel whose owner went into a nursing home. 

Spinner can't keep his eyes off of her- he is in love!!



Hedgehog Day!!  


Yup that's right- Hedgehog Day is Feb 2!


The modern groundhog day tradition is actually based on the ancient roman hedgehog day ( or more accurately, night)!  



"The theory behind Groundhog Day (Shadow = another 6 weeks of winter, No Shadow = an early spring) originated in 18th century America and was based on the European tradition of Hedgehog Day (the hedgehog, a cousin of the groundhog, is not indigenous to North America). The tradition was that if the sun was shining on Candlemas Day (February 2) winter would stick around for another 6 weeks. However, if the sky was cloudy, spring would make an early appearance.

Hedgehog Day, itself, dates back to Roman times when the fate of spring was decided by hedgehogs seeing their shadows at night by the light of the moon. Interestingly, about 6 weeks after Groundhog Day is the vernal equinox and the traditional beginning of spring. "


To celebrate Hedgehog/Groundhog Day every year Critter Camp takes a hedgehog over to Pecetonica Elementary School for the kids to touch, observe and learn about.

This year our visit may be postponed due to an expected blizzard!





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Hedgehog Day!
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 THANK YOU to the PETCO Foundation for awarding Critter Camp another "We are Family Too" Grant to continue our Emergency Help Program!

petco foundation


Now we can help hundreds more pet owners keep their pets during times of crisis!

Visit our Emergency Help page for more details and the assistance form to fill out if you need help!


"Like" the PETCO Foundation's Facebook Page & tell them Thanks for these wonderful grants too!

The PETCO Foundation is one of very few animal organizations that help rescues of ALL companion animals, not just cats & dogs. We are so grateful for their support!


Critter Camp was quoted in the PETCO Foundation's Annual Report this year too regarding our grant received in 2009, see it on page 11!