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Critter Updates!  betty loose



Betty the bunny is now free range, meeting new bun friends & happy in our Bunny Haven!


She is the one in the middle stretching, in the back from right to left are Spot, Wench Wabbit, Lance, Daphne, Thumper Black,Heckle & Jeckle


So far only 2-3 of the new ratty girls show any sings of a bigger tummy, and they may just be eating well :) We will keep you posted!


From the "you asked for it" category: 

Here's an update from 3 years ago!



Phoenix the bearded dragon came in to Critter Camp with an infected tail 3 years ago. He had been found outside in very cold weather by an animal control department and transferred here. He was emaciated, and the infection in his tail was affecting his system so he had to have his tail amputated. He recovered with only some minor neurological damage from the infection, he does have tremors on occassion.

Phoenix still lives happy & safe here at Critter Camp, enjoying his superworms, and a dollop of baby food sweet potatoes on top of his greens everyday.





Some Critter Cuteness!

Pics & videos!



Verde the amazon yakkin it up!




A side of 'hams' with your pinneapple? 

All the baby Robo hamsters have been adopted out - yay!



Irma the box turtle begs for a superworm!



Dolce the chinchilla- watch him take a dust bath!


psst i've got a secret!

Check out our Critter Comments slideshow!


Mmmmm chocolate......

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