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Welcome our NEW Critters!


Meet Betty

New little black bunny

She was at a kill shelter slated for euthanasia due to space limitations



7 rats


Meet the 7 New female young ratties

Also slated for euthanasia at a

kill shelter due to space.


Considered unadoptable because of lingering 

porphyrin staining on the white ones, and the fact that they all came in housed with males and were in "romantic embraces" as they were surrendered - so they are all potentially pregnant!


So if you are considering adopting ratties in the next few months, keep us in mind & Stay tuned for updates too!

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Order Delicious (cruelty free!)chocolate and help out Critter Camp too?

Too Good to be true??

Well it is true!

Order chocolate bars, yummy filled choclates and more  from Recue Chocolate , be sure to write Critter Camp in the message portion of the order and Critter Camp gets $1 per item!

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New Videos!


spiny mice

See the Spiny Mice playing! 


t shirt

See the slideshow with ALL the new Tshirt designs here!




 THANK YOU to the PETCO Foundation for awarding Critter Camp another "We are Family Too" Grant to continue our Emergency Help Program!

petco foundation


Now we can help hundreds more pet owners keep their pets during times of crisis!

Visit our Emergency Help page for more details and the assistance form to fill out if you need help!


"Like" the PETCO Foundation's Facebook Page & tell them Thanks for these wonderful grants too!

The PETCO Foundation is one of very few animal organizations that help rescues of ALL companion animals, not just cats & dogs. We are so grateful for their support!


Critter Camp was quoted in the PETCO Foundation's Annual Report this year too regarding our grant received in 2009, see it on page 11!


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Adoption Success
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Adoption Success!

Critter Camp accepted a batch of young adoptable bunnies because they were slated for euthanasia last fall and has adopted them all out- the last two recently.






Gray Ghost


"The girls are doing well! They both have been adapting amazingly well to new surroundings,noises, people, feeding schedules etc etc. I am limiting their pellets and in turn, they now come up to me to beg. They now will eat right from my hand!

Gray Ghost is a little more bold and like to hop on my feet while I'm in their pen. She is also a binky queen and flop master!!! Galadriel is a bit more cautious around me, although she was the first to eat from my hand. She is the caretaker of the pair and constantly wants to groom and be groomed. Gray Ghost is usually to busy to reciprocate fully, as she is too busy doing bunny 500's. :)). Galadriel is also the one who loves food the most.

They are both such sweetheart's!!

It is wonderful to have some young buns in the house again."



Tami & Mike




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