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 THANK YOU to the PETCO Foundation for awarding Critter Camp another "We are Family Too" Grant to continue our Emergency Help Program!

petco foundation


Now we can help hundreds more pet owners keep their pets during times of crisis!

Visit our Emergency Help page for more details and the assistance form to fill out if you need help!


"Like" the PETCO Foundation's Facebook Page & tell them Thanks for these wonderful grants too!

The PETCO Foundation is one of very few animal organizations that help rescues of ALL companion animals, not just cats & dogs. We are so grateful for their support!


Critter Camp was quoted in the PETCO Foundation's Annual Report this year too regarding our grant received in 2009, see it on page 11!




Welcome NEW Critters!!!

Brand New to Critter Camp are 6

 Spiny Mice!!

They were being used as feeders! Many are hurt and in need of TLC - our speciality! Spiny mice are very unique pets, you can learn more about them here.

spiny mice

See the video too!



Hercules the Lop earred rabbit came from a "kill" shelter, he had been abused and bites and kicks when handling is attempted. Since he was not adoptable and there were no fosters open he would have been euthanized if we did not accept him. So we made room. He will be introduced into the Bunny Haven colony soon.


3 Young Hamsters that are all biters:


hammie cream

Miss Puff Fluff


hammie hailey







Lexar is a male ratty that is a biter. He is a big old adorable lug tho. He can live out his life safely here at Critter Camp now :)


In general all we ask of surrendering shelters and individuals is to pay the tranport fee if there is one - we use a courier  service to get animals from in the Chicago area to Rockford, it saves time and money- and is only $10-15 per animal, we still have to drive to Rockford to get them, spending hours and several gallons of gas. Basically we are splitting the cost of getting the animal to us. Then we assume the cost of care for the entire rest of the animal's life- food, beding vet, etc.

So it is unfortunate when a shelter wants us to take an animal but refuses to pay the tranport cost, apparently opting to spend more on euthanizing the animal and disposing of the body than to save its life.

During our last two rescues we have had to pay some of the transport costs just to keep the animals alive & get them here, even though it would have cost the shelters more to kill them.

Obviously we cannot save all of the animals, but if there is room at all we will do our best!

PLEASE check into these details before you donate to any rescue- what animals do YOU personally value, and how are they treated at the places you support?

We all love dogs & cats, but if you are getting this newsletter you probably love ratties, or hammies, or hedgies, or ferrets, or bunnies, or lizards, etc too. As companion animals they deserve the same care and concern as Fido & Fluffy, and they need your support.




Holiday Time!!

Ferret Giving Tree

Our ferrets are on the Giving Tree- #13!!!!!!



bags for buns



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Adoption Succes story!

gray white tip

This little gray & white girl was adopted by Julia & Randy where she lives as house bunny! Yay!


These Bunnies are still for adoption: 







dutch hypno


Click on the pics for info!

We hope everyone had a great Halloween!!
gangsta bunny

As promised,
Here is the NEW costumed critters video!!!

Congrats to Paul Stran
Eagle Scout candidate
For completing his project last weekend at Critter Camp!
Here's the Slideshow-as promised
barn paul

His sister Lauren remodeled our barn into Piggy & Bunny Havens almost 2 years ago for her Girl Scout Gold Award, and now Paul rallied volunteers obtained doantions of materials and organized a work day to close off the rest of the barn and install high efficiency glass doors, to add to the solar gain. The bunnies & piggies will be warmer without as much heating cost this year now! Thank you so much!

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