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Watch the CUTE bunnies go into a trance- or not! 

bunny trance 2
Watch the video!

bunny trance
Watch the video!

trance fail
Watch the video!

trance fail 2
Watch thevideo!

These are some of the 6 rabbits Critter Camp accepted from Chicago Animal Care and Control that were going to be euthanized as no other rescues in the entire Chicagoland area would accept them. CACC declined to pay for their tranport or spay/neuter costs. Please help Critter Camp care for these bunnies by donating at  direct to


Interested in adopting or have a name suggestion?

* Note - the bunnies will be required to be "house rabbits"

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New Guinea Piggy
Adoption Success!
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New Guinea Piggy



(He came in as "Sadie" but upon further inspectionit was clear he needed to be in the boys side of Piggy haven, not the girls'!)

Adoption Success Story!

gus jack

Jack & Gus ( named for the mice in Cinderella) are Roborovski hamsters that were adopted by a kindergarten teacher for the classroom- and her home when they are not at school. Robos can live in pairs but even then they sometimes don't get along. These two boys were fine together when they were young but ended up scrapping a bit so they are now separated.

Here is what the class has to say:

"Good Morning,

We like our class pets. We take good care of them. We give them water. We give them food. Maddie got them nibble sticks. Olivia gave them napkin blankets. They have toilet paper tubes. Gus got in a fight with Jack and bit him so now they have two cages. Thank you for giving them to us."

(They wanted me to put all their names here but I told them they could write you a letter at Christmas and sign their own names). Our class name is the "Zoo Crew Kindergarten".

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