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Meet Rambo!
 Rambo is a young sulcata tortoise that will eventually grow to 200 pounds!
 He is currently in his 100 gallon tank only to bask, sleep and eat. The rest of the time he is rambling about exploring ( we keep it 75-80 degrees in here all the time anyway so it is warm enough for him. Normally it is too cool to allow a sulcata to free roam in the average house.)

rambo out 

Come PARTY!!!!
 This Saturday!!!
       me n foxes

FREE food & fun at the Loose Screw in German Valley! Beer specials too! Starting at 7:00!!

NEW:  RAFFLES too!!  

Jason Stuart's Cobalt Blue  a most AWESOME BAND!! Do not miss this!!
 will be playing from 8:00-12:00!
 cobalt blue
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Coblat Blue, The Loose Screw, Northwest Property Management, Freeport Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza in Freeport
 Joe's Pizza in Freeport
Manny's Pizza in Freeport
Cub Foods in Freeport
Arnie Binning Service
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New feature:
   Adoption Success Stories! 
Even though Critter Camp is a sanctuary and generally takes in unadoptable pets, sometimes we do accept younger friendly healthy animals in an emergency situation , and we adopt those out again.  
 If you have adopted from critter camp and would like us to feature your happy pet here please contact us.