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Big Media Week! 
We had a great time with Laura Gibbs on Rockford TV channel 13 WREX TV  with a few of the Critter Camp Critters! 
We took Lucy the hedgehog, Phoenix the bearded dragon & Zoey the fennec fox!
Nobody pooped on air so all was good :)
Jennie Pollock's Go Green Column in the Rockford Register star featured Critter Camp's "green" entry this weekend too!
Wonderful Critter Camp supporter Cheryl posted this great blog entry in her local paper's pet blog:  Peoria Journal Star's PetPal Blog
 All of you can do this too! Contact your local newspaper and see how you can help promote Critter Camp!

New Critters!!!!

2 new beardies, males that had been found in an alley in Chicago, then housed together, came in this week. The younger one had been eating the older one's foot. It is healing well and the two are separated now of course.(Beardies are solitary animals and should not be kept together.) 

The ratties Cecelia & Delilah, from last week have been adopted! Pebbles & BamBam the ferrets have an adoption pending! Yay!
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Critter Camp is having 2 Fundraising PARTIES!!!

 Come to the Loose Screw in German Valley
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on Sat. Aug 7 for FREE food, drink and fun!
Sign in at Captains in Pecatonica 11-12, last bike in at the Loose Screw by 5:00 for:
GTO DJ & Karaoke from 5-8:30
Then the  
Crunchy Frogs will be there 9pm-1am too!

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And again on Sat. Oct. 2 for more FREE food, beer & fun!
Chips from Ole Salty's
Pizza from Domino's in Freeport and Rockford
and from Joe's Pizza in Freeport!
Canine & Abel Dog Grooming in Rockford, and Northwest Property Management are also sponsors 
Jason Stuart's Cobalt Blue will be playing from 8:30-12:30!
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