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Meet the newest Critters here at Critter Camp:
sweeney todd
Sweeney Todd
(Handsome, cute, but dangerous & right hair/fur coloring too!)
 More cute critters below- but first,

a Quick voting memo:

 Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest!

This is our ONE BIG CHANCE to build the sanctuary now!
NEW IDEAS for every to help promote the contest:
* Use you TEENAGER! Yes we are finding that teens have no trouble voting every day, telling their friends to vote too, and setting up an account & signing in does not deter them in the least! So bribe them with pizza, whatever it takes, but have them vote & get the word out on their Facebook pages & to their friends!
*Post the link and your comments about Critter Camp to all Boards, Lists, Groups, Blogs, etc.  you follow or are on - animal related or not- ask them to vote!
* Write a letter to the editor to your local paper- ask people to help us care for thousands of abandoned abused pets that come to us from all over the country! We are in IL but have acepted animals from Texas, Florida, Nebraska, & more! We help pets from anywhere! People have visited us from all over the country, Canada & even overseas! Even if there are local projects in the contest too it's ok- you have 10 votes per day to vote for us all!
 We still have 2 weeks- we can do this!!!!
So Please VOTE & Promote!
#1. Go to
#2. Sign in with your email & password ( first time you will create an account with your name and birthdate- that's all!)

 #3. Click the vote button
 That's it!
(note- votes do not count if you are not signed in!)
If you have a facebook page you can then install the app to share on Facebook- and vote from Facebook too!
You get 10 votes each day so be sure and use the rest for projects in the levels other than the 250k !
Here are some projects that are supporting Critter Camp and could use your votes:
Build a Free Online Test Prep Program for 2,000,000+ Studentsuild a Free Online Test Prep Program for 2,000,000+ Students

To pay for food,shelter and care for sick,injured and orphaned animals

Open a Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in E Portland, OR



 Gussie the guinea piggy - free range in the girls' Piggy Haven!

All 3 boy guinea piggies are free range in our boy side of Piggy Haven! 
In This Issue
Sweeney Todd
Culry, Moe & Larry
Save the Date!!
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It's time for our
 $5 fundraiser!!
 Yup we need to raise $$$ to feed the critters
Please send a measely little $5 to: 
Donate at direct to
netwrok for good 

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

Promote Your Page Too

Visit our Facebook Page & Cause too!

Save the Dates!!

Critter Camp is having 2 Fundraising PARTIES!!!

 Come to the Loose Screw in German Valley
loose screw
on Sat. Aug 7 for FREE food, drink and fun!
GTO DJ & Karaoke from 5-8:30
Then the  
Crunchy Frogs will be there 9pm-1am too!

crunchy frogs 
And again on Sat. Oct. 2 for more FREE food, beer & fun!
Jason Stuart's Cobalt Blue will be playing from 8:30-12:30!
 cobalt blue
little boy hammie 
boy hammie- needs a name!
this boy hammie needs a name too!
this little girl hammie needs a name as well! 


Thank you to the

PETCO Foundation for donating hundreds of dollars worth of supplies to help us care for the rescued animals we took in from the Global Exotics Case, and to help us adopt some of our young friendly critters out too!