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That's right! We will be BUILDING THE SANCTUARY...if we can get enough votes in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge!
Dear Critter Camp Supporters,
Many of you've been here to Critter Camp, and know how crowded we are and how desperately we need to build our proposed green sanctuary building. Others are familiar with our caring mission and the need for the building through the internet, possibly watching our video about the proposed building that will use solar and wind power among other eco-friendly principles.
Well now it really can happen!
Please go to or and search "critter camp" and vote for our proposed project in the $250,000 green category.
Please vote everyday, and ask everyone you know- friends , family, co-workers, everyone to vote for Critter Camp's proposed Sanctuary Building!
Together we can do this!!!

* Voting starts at 6 am Eastern Time June 1, and ends at midnight June 30*

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