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The mousies had EEPERS- and lots of em!!!!!
The 4 mice had about 30 pinkies in a communal nest and they take turns caring for them! Some are already going from Pinkies to Fuzzies!
Habitrail  donated10 of their new OVO set-ups to Critter Camp for the Texas rescues to be adopted in!
 ovo pad     2 hams
So the first 10 folks adopting 2-4 of our Robo hammies will get the set-up included!
See the listing on PETFINDER 
Still no babies with the Ground Squirrels or Ratties 
Email us to get on the adoption lists
Visit our page
on the Global Exotics rescue for the latest too!

 Quiggly the fennec fox is calming down a bit, so far Zoey has very little if any interest in him. He was out & about tonight- checking things out!

Quiggly is at Critter Camp through our Emergency Help program

Big Day at Critter Camp!

 Two of the newer rabbits, Blizzard & Thumper, were let loose in Bunny Haven, and 4 guinea piggies joined Piggy Haven: Lucy, Penny & Clover , and new guy Mohawk Willy!


Penny & Clover

 Lucy with the girls

Blizzard & Thumper out & about 


Rocky raccoon has gone to his new forever home- where he will be very happy mixing with other coonies and being able to roam free! Have fun big guy!!! 

Rocky's new home 
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Rocky's new home
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Meet new ratty "Bunny"
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is closing!

They have hit their million ticket goal and only folks who are currently signed up will be accepted. We will miss the supplies & help! 

 See the new Disney Volunteer page on our site too!

Hey Disney Volunteers: Send us your pics from your visit here to be posted!


It's time to help out some fellow rescuers~

One of our Critter Camp board members is also on the board of our local animal shelter and they are in the midst of some really big changes for the good...

So lets help them out & VOTE for Friends Forever in Freeport IL 61032 on the Animal Rescue Site!

Animal Rescue Site 
Sure Critter Camp is in the contest  too- but we aren't pushing it this time- so lets help out another worthy group! You can even vote for your local shelter one day and then Friends Forever the next, alternating for the duration of the contest. Let's show em what the Critter Camp folks can do!

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 Check out this great new pet care sevice! Be sure to use code NPX31XEP1A to give Critter Camp credit for the referral!
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Second Sundays at Burpee Mueseum of Natural History

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary joins Burpee Museum to offer informative presentations all about pets.
Learn more about exotic animals and what makes them a good or bad choice as an addition to your household. These presentations will take place the second Sunday of every month 3:00-4:30pm from September 2009 through April 2010. See the
events calendar for more details. 
Next : Sunday March 14 3:00 Sugar gliders Kinkajous & Short Tailed Opossums!
 Yes, we are bringing a glider & Pogo too!
But no kinks!
**** There will be door prizes and informational handouts**** 
Sponsored by a grant from Oxbow Animal Health