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UPDATE on our 75 rescued critters from the Texas SPCA in the Global Exotics Case!
Well, Turns out there were 4 boys in with 8 girls in the Ground Squirrel colony! So they are now separated, and seems 2 of the girls may already be preggers!
Look for live video feed of their colony soon!!!
And it seems that all 38 of the Robo hams appear to be boys- which is fine :) Less chance of litters. 
See video of the now famous Three Hamigos!
three hamigos
Three of the Robo boys are best buds - they sleep in their wheel together and run in their wheel- together! See the video here!
The Robos will be available for adoption in a few weeks!
Some of the mousies may be boys as well- still waiting to see what 'develops' as it were :)
(See the slideshow & article of the horrific conditions at US Global Exotics that led to the raid, visit our page for the latest too!)
 See the video of Pogo the new Short tailed opossum also from the TX rescue!
 We may even be taking in more animals from the TX rescue - we'll keep you posted!

As if the 75 new critters from Texas weren't enough we took in 16 more rescues this week!

Help us Welcome:
New mousies Logan & Remy  
Remy Mouse 
Meggie the lop would not sit still for her pic!
And a group of 11 ratties that were abandoned on a porch in the snowstorm! Many have head tilts and tumors- some will need surgery and meds. Turns out that there was one boy in the batch of 11 , so for now there are 10 girls and DON has been separated out to a new cage - poor guy- he misses the ladies!
We will watch the girls to see if we have litters coming there too- if so they will be for adoption as well!
colony of 11 

Big Thanks to

Sandi from Ollie's Parrot Perch parrot rescue for bringing her wonderful birds and giving a great talk at our Burpee presentation on Sunday!


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See Video  of the rescue & the critters settling in!
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(To find our opportunities go to their site, put in our zip 61039 and select 'Animals and the Environment' category- ours should be the first two listed.)

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Next : Sunday March 14 3:00 Sugar gldiers Kinkajous & Short Tailed Opossums!
 Yes, we are bringing a glider & Pogo too!
But no kinks!
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