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Happy Hedgehog Day!

That's right! Long before there was Groundhog Day the ancient Romans celebrated Hedgehog Day!

Read more about it at Hedgehog Central!

TX SPCA to retain custody of animals in decision against Global Exotics!

27,000 abused and neglected exotic animals are given a new lease on life! This week will be hectic for hundreds of volunteers transporting the animals all over the country to new rescue homes.
 Critter Camp will likely be taking in some of the smaller critters!
We are looking for someone in Nashville, TN area to pick up and transport-or possibly just house overnight, as well as someone in the mid southern IL area to tranpsort too- email us ASAP if you are able to help!

  There's only one more week of our Dollar Drive !

Just one Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny

 little Dollar-        
will make a really big difference!  
or see our site for more options!

Thank you to the Crafty Weasels of GA for the great box of hand sewn blankies, sleep sacks & the new sling to carry the ferrets needing extra snuggling!

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(To find our opportunities go to their site, put in our zip 61039 and select 'Animals and the Environment' category- ours should be the first two listed.)

The first 70 or so folks have come to visit us and help with the animals, bringing supplies -and what GREAT Supplies they are bringing!

Gee only about 400 to go and more signing up everyday!

Mr. Tiny 
Please note we are booking TOURS on Weekdays into June and Weekends into September!
Tonto & Lone Ranger
Join us for

Second Sundays at Burpee Mueseum of Natural History

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary joins Burpee Museum to offer informative presentations all about pets.
Learn more about exotic animals and what makes them a good or bad choice as an addition to your household. These presentations will take place the second Sunday of every month 3:00-4:30pm from September 2009 through April 2010. See the
events calendar for more details. 
Next : Sunday February 14 3:00 Parrots & Other Birds   
 *** Special guest speaker Sandi from Ollie's Parrot Perch parrot rescue!
She is bringing some of her education birds too!

**** There will be door prizes and informational handouts**** 
Sponsored by a grant from Oxbow Animal Health