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Wishing you a Happy New Year!

 Help us celebrate the VERY VERY  generous donation of a VAN! Yes, a VAN! On Christmas Day! From John & Shary Stelter!
van 1 
We can use it to pick up supplies and transport animals!
In 2009
Critter Camp Rescued 120 more pets!
We took in 28 mice, 24 ratties, 2 basilisk lizards, one raccoon, one fennec fox, 10 gerbils, 1 pigeon, 2 chickens, 6 hamsters, 2 cockatiels, 5 ferrets, 1 chinchilla, 5 rabbits, 5 sugar gliders, 3 hedgehogs, 8 guinea piggies & more!
We arranged adoptions for or relocated 16 more  pets such as a red fox, an American alligator, several turtles & tortoises, and a prairie dog.
 Plus we took care of the hundreds of critters already here!
Thank you all for your generous donations this year!
There are only a few days left to get in your much needed
donation for 2009 -
we still have bills to pay before the end of the year ( we need to raise at least $500 asap!)
Donate by Paypal  (direct to  ) or Network for Good, or
mail to us at the address below!
 Remember you can also send us Gift Cards that you don't want as well!
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