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 New Critters!
Yes, more  Critters!
Babe the sugar glider.
She will be introduced into our larger colony soon.
Recent arrival Fella has become part of the colony already & is enjoying his new friends.
Yes, we are full on rabbits. We made an exception in this case. Read all about Thumper in his profile on Bunspace!

Relocating Rescues!

When Critter Camp gets a call on an exotic pet that we cannot take in for whatever reason we refer the owner to the appropraite rescue or individual.
This week we helped place a sulcata tortoise that was found at a building site with a caring and knowledgeable family
And located a wonderful Prairie Dog rescue for an owner needing to place her pet prairie dog
prairie dog

Critter Camp wins  Top of the Web Award

on Bella Online!


Bella Online
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New Critters!
Relocating Rescues
Top of the Web Award!
SuperStar Donor
Dear Santa
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Dear Santa!
candy canes
Read the letter all of the animals here at Critter Camp wrote &
See what they asked for ! 

New Videos!


More Zoey the fennec fox
 up close!

and check out Heifer the rescued ratty here at Critter Camp- she is obssessed with carrying the popcorn bag to the top shelf.  
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Second Sundays at Burpee Mueseum of Natural History

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary joins Burpee Museum to offer informative presentations all about pets.
Learn more about exotic animals and what makes them a good or bad choice as an addition to your household. These presentations will take place the second Sunday of every month 3:00-4:30pm from September 2009 through April 2010. See the
events calendar for more details. 
Next : Sunday December 13: Larger more unusual exotics like foxes & primates
**** There will be door prizes and informational handouts****