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Critter Camp Benefit Sales!

Buy cool stuff at Great Prices & help out Critter Camp!
Order any item(s) and designate Critter Camp as your charity, or select from the special Critter Camp benefit page of $5 discount T's!
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Exciting new website & show:
 This site is dedicated to bringing awareness to animal organizations and charities, while educating the public on animal issues. Animal Connection, the show, is another way for us to get our information dispersed, but in a fun and entertaining way. 
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Check out the 2009 Ferret Giving Tree!
Ferret Giving Tree
 Our babies are on Trees 10 & 11
Look for Karma, Dolomite,Storm,Pip, Lone Ranger, Tonto,Angel, Buffy, Snickers & Big Al.
Santa Forms will be ready Oct 23!
We wish there was a giving tree for the rest of our rescued critters too!
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Animal Rescue Site Challenge

There are over 11,000 shelters in this contest, and Critter Camp is already ranked 562 nationally and 26th in IL
and climbing every day!! So remember 
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Critter Camp Benefit Sales
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2009 Ferret Giving Tree
Baby Ratties
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Our very own
Buster Bunny
a one- eyed, rescued 13 year old + gentleman is now THE OLDEST bunny on BunSpace out of over 11,000 registered bunnies there!
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Thanks for all of the name suggestions for the new Gerbils! See them here!
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Adoption Pending!
princess   Luna

Princess &Luna the baby rats-

Join us for

Second Sundays at Burpee Mueseum of Natural History

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary joins Burpee Museum to offer informative presentations all about pets.
Learn more about exotic animals and what makes them a good or bad choice as an addition to your household. These presentations will take place the second Sunday of every month 3:00-4:30pm from September 2009 through April 2010. See the
events calendar for more details. 
Next : Sunday November 8: Rats & Mice, Hamsters & Gerbils
**** There will be door prizes and informational handouts****