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Animal Rescue Site Challenge

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princess   Luna

Princess &Luna the baby rats- they are STILL available for adoption!

See who won the Corvette!! 
Hope it's one of our supporters!
Welll, folks- we've had a slow start to our Dollar Drive- so, lets step on it & ramp it up! 
Critter Camp is # 1!!
we all know that :)
 sooooo its time for a $1 drive!
If Everyone who gets the newsletter will donate just one  eety beety buckaroo
and can get just 1 friend to donate another one
Critter Camp can keep making sure all these rescued critters are well cared for!
Don't wait
Do it now!! Really- just one dollar! You won't miss it!!
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Contact us for other ways to donate too!
*** If everyone does this then we won't need to bug you for donations for a long time!
No pressure tho :)
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Animal Rescue Site Contest
We're # 1 !!!
Chickens update
 Lucky has a HOME - Yay!!
lucky tiny tim 
And Tiny Tim is doing fine on his own here now.
Lucky started picking on him & so they had to be separated anyway.
Boys! :)
Feeding Tip:
Try giving you hedgehogs, sugar gliders and / or fennec foxes Totally Ferret Kibble
totally ferret 
to supplement their diet- they love it!
It has high quality protein, and added Taurine, and apparently tastes good too- our hedgies devour it  & they can be very picky eaters!  
Critter Camp
Stop by our
 we have added the new logo and a few variations too!
The store is still undergoing remodeling by the very talented young ladies who designed the logo, and they are building us a Zazzle store too!
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Second Sundays at Burpee Mueseum of Natural History

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary joins Burpee Museum to offer informative presentations all about pets.
Learn more about exotic animals and what makes them a good or bad choice as an addition to your household. These presentations will take place the second Sunday of every month 3:00-4:30pm from September 2009 through April 2010. See the
events calendar for more details. 
Next : Turtles, Bearded Dragons, Tortoises & more! October 11
**** There will be door prizes and informational handouts**** 
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