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Meet Jessica Rabbit!
(Not that Jessica Rabbit, guys! Geesh. Although we were watching Roger Rabbit when we got the call.....)
Newest rescued bunny here at Critter Camp
See her profile on BunSpace!
Jessica Rabbit
She is a sweet little 2-3 month old dutch who  was seen being thrown from a moving vehicle. Kind people who witnessed this cruel act caught her and took her to the local Humane Society (Friends Forever) who in turn called us to come get her. She may be available for adoption once we have assessed her health and temperment.
Help out with our 
 Bunny Spay/Neuter Fundraiser!
We need to raise funds asap to have the 5 rescued rabbits currently in cages spayed/neutered so they can be free range with the rest of the buns here at Critter Camp's Bunny Haven! 
Send donations directly to critter Camp, or to our veterinarian! See contact details on our   Wish List page!
Donations may be made through Paypal (directed to or Network for Good as well!
 Baby Mousie update!
 Momma mousie & her babies
   Mom is taking good care of the tiny pinkies!
Stay tuned- we will have mice available for adoption! Contact us if interested in filling out an application.
Critter Camp is proud to partner with Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in this fantastic opportunity!
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Jessica Rabbit
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the new rescued homing pigeon, or rock dove 
Sadly most such birds are destroyed if they do nto return home. They are considered "defective"
Homey is a beautiful bird and will live safely here at Critter Camp now.
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