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Update on the Rescued Chickens - Surgery! 
 Tiny tim & Lucky
Tiny after surgery 

 Tiny Tim/Tina had his/her leg amputated at the vet's last week so it would not snag on anything and, ew, tear off.
He/she is recovering nicely, even hopping about on the one foot!
Video to come soon!
Lucky is growing fast & is looking more roosterlike all the time- however, with all the eggs we go through feeding animals we still are hoping for hens :) 
Check out our Interview on  Kritters That Twitter!
It will be posted early this week!
Festival & Presentation season is in Full Swing!
Come see us:
Tuesday June 16 Pecatonica Library 10:30

Monday June 22 Dixon Library 6:00

Sat. June 27 Freeport Pretzel Festival 12-2

Sat July 11 Excelon/Byron Plant booth at ByronFest 3-5

Thursday July 16 Freeport Public Library 2:00
"Critter Camp is One of Kind"
Check out the article in the Freeport Journal Standard!
Thanks for the coverage!! 
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Meet Stubbs, our newest Sugar Glider. He was rescued by a teenager visiting his former owners, after finding that the cage mate had "disappeared" and this guy's foot had been chewed up by a cat! This caring young man took him home, his family found Critter Camp and brought him here today where he will live out his life happily and safely!