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Rescued Chickens! Yes, chickens... 
 Tiny tim & Lucky

 Critter Camp does not accept farm animals, only exotic and unusual pets...and,  well, much to their good fortune these chicks became pets.
They were hatched in the usual grade school class project of incubating eggs, these in particular were at Oak Terrace school in Highwood (near Chicago). However Lucky had an abcess (gone now) and Tiny Tim (or Tina if she is a hen) has a seriously splayed leg, so the farmer did not want them. Had he taken them they would have been "disposed of" immediately anyway. A teacher at the school called over the midwest to find someone to take in these "special" chickens, and no one would. That is until she contacted Critter Camp! Now they are here and safe & sound, Tiny goes to the vet tomorrow to see what we can do with his/her leg! They will live out their entire natural lives here at Critter Camp.
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