May 5, 2009
Hello, Prickleball the hedgehog
As a non-profit organization we understand that in today's economic climate it is difficult for businesses to give as much as they would like to, and often they are looking to maximize the impact of their contributions. According to research consumers are more likely to switch brands, remember a company and recommend a product when that business supports a charity or cause. We would like to tell you a little bit about what we do at Critter Camp and bring to your attention our unique charitable opportunities.
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary is the only licensed rescue of its kind in the US, and possibly the world. We care for over 250 abandoned, abused and otherwise homeless pets of 30 different varieties. We provide a healthy, happy, safe life for the more unusual pets that are no longer adoptable, be it for reasons of health, temperament or age. We also provide education on pet ownership in general and the care needs of the specific animals here through our hands-on tours, public presentations, our website and free email newsletters
Critter Camp has recently implemented a new program to help pet owners keep their pets during a crisis such as job loss, house fire, or natural disaster. See our Emergency Help page for details.
Critter Camp works cooperatively with many area groups. For example, we shared extra donated dog food with the Winnebago County Humane Society (PAWS HS,) we helped train student veterinary technicians in the care of exotic pets at the Rockford Career College, and we take animals to area libraries and schools for children to learn about them.
Critter Camp is volunteer operated, no-kill, fully licensed and insured. Please visit our website for more details. 
There are several ways your company can be involved in Critter Camp's caring mission while also reaching thousands of new local customers.
1) A donation in any amount is always appreciated and of course tax deductible. Donations may be financial and/or in-kind services or supplies. See our Wish List page for details. An acknowledgment of your donation is posted on the website and in our newsletters according to amounts.  
2) Corporate Sponsorship:     
A) $100 Sponsorship : your logo and link on the Home page of our website and in our free email newsletter for one week, as well as a continual mention on our Sponsor, Thank You and Links pages for one year.
Minimum 4,000 views.

B) $500 Sponsorship : your logo and link on the Home page of our website and in our free email newsletters for two months, as well as a continual mention on our Sponsor, Thank You and Links pages for one year. 
Minimum 30,000 views.

C) $1,000 Sponsorship : your logo and link on our Home, Sponsor, Links, and Thank You pages on our website for one year; and monthly logo and link in our weekly email newsletters for one year.
Minimum 80,000 views.

D) $5,000 Sponsorship : your logo and link on the Home, Sponsor, Links, and Thank You pages, as well as a thank you during our tours and presentations for a year, an acknowledgement on our next 1,000 brochures printed after the donation, and your logo and link for the next 52 weeks of our free email newsletters
Minimum 1,000 people directly at the shows/tours, in print on 1,000 brochures, and 220,000 views.
* Critter Camp reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship if deemed unacceptable
* Sponsorships can be paid in monthly installments

* Family and individual sponsorships are also available
3) Volunteer: Your employees, family and friends can volunteer here at Critter Camp and experience some fantastic critters while having fun (and working hard; the television show "Dirty Jobs" has nothing on us!) We will post a thank you on the website for any corporate or group related volunteer activities.  
4) Fund Raising event: We will bring a couple of the rescued critters (usually a hedgehog and a bearded dragon, maybe a rat and rabbit too)  to your business for a few hours. Your business advertises the opportunity for people to pet the animals, learn more about them and what we do; which brings in new customers. We will have a donation jar for people to contribute on the spot, a sign up sheet for folks to receive our free email newsletter, and your business donates either a set amount, a matching amount for the contributions that day (or other time period,) and/or a percentage of sales that day (or other time period.)  [This is only available within 35 miles of Critter Camp to minimize the stress on the animals and due to our time constraints.]  
5) Help us build our Proposed Sanctuary Building! We plan to build a "green" sanctuary to house over 650 rescued exotic pets, both as a sanctuary and as a shelter for adoptable pets. The building will utilize solar and wind power and compost the waste, along with using other environmentally innovative techniques and operating methods. This building will also allow larger groups and many more people to take our tours, likely seeing thousands of people through its doors every month. Although we are currently located in a private home in the small town of German Valley, IL we have hundreds of visitors each year coming from as far away as Kansas, Texas, Canada and even Ethiopia.  We have received support and donations from as far away as Singapore and Australia. Critter Camp is already featured on dozens of websites and in numerous articles. We propose to build the sanctuary along US Rte 20 between Rockford and Freeport. This stretch of highway sees approximately 15,000 cars a day according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. This unique facility will draw national and international attention for the Northwest Illinois area, bring in tourism, and provide an economic stimulus for the area. We are offering naming rights for sponsorship of the building and individual rooms. Please see the Sanctuary page on our website, or contact us for more details.
Interested parties may contact us to arrange for a meeting with our Board of Directors and Building Contractor.   Come take our tour too!
Tax deductible donations may be made securely through Network for Good, PayPal (direct to ,) or direct mail.  Imagine the attention that our cute animals' photos can bring to your company, and the exposure a sponsor could have had during our latest television news feature. See the channel WIFR 23  video clip here.
Thank you for helping the "forgotten pets" of Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary! 

Beth Randall

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary
Member: Rockford Chamber of Commerce &
Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence